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Karl Lagerfeld is more than a fashion icon. He became a true cultural reference. According to Forbes magazine, he is in the top 5 most recognizable person in the world just after Queen Elisabeth! He is a popular figure and his talent exported his reputation beyond borders. He is the spirit behind Chanel but also the captain of his own brand that he leads with a sharp eye. As he is always up to something, this month Karl Lagerfeld is revealing the launch of a new bold project: The Karl Daily! As he spent so many years making the buzz in the international press, probably now he can have his own newspaper! And that is precisely the Karl Daily.


The launch is programmed for September 20th, so you get the exclusivity of the news here! Karl Lagerfeld will be adding a new media to his creative empire. It is a newspaper called Karl Daily. In the first issue, fans from Europe and USA will be able to get their hands on this very expected newspaper by the end of September. You will be able to read about the Autumn/Winter collections as well as an interview from Karl Lagerfeld himself and from his beloved Choupette.


Other columns will be available from the start like horoscopes, gossips, sports and weather updates. Several contributors will bring you exclusive insights to the amazing world of Karl Lagerfeld. The special guest editor, Choupette, will give you invaluable advice on everything from personal style to matters of the heart.

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Karl Daily will be distributed in the Brand stores as well as in certain special occasions and events. A presence will be also available in the current Brand communication channels including social media. The buzz already started as you can see here at the central coupole of Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

And if you wonder if Karl Lagerfeld sleeps, probably he would say that his body does but his mind is always switch on. Do not hesitate to visit Karl Lagerfeld website: You will be able to see all the different projects and products that Mr Lagerfeld develops and commercialize. He is definitely one of the most creative and workaholic fashion designer in history. There is always something going on. And that is the great thing about Karl Lagerfeld. He will always surprise you with things you would never dare to imagine.

When a fashion icon builds an iconic newspaper, it is definitely going to make some noise. More to come.

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