Louis Vuitton, The Tribute patchwork bag, new spring itbag!

Marc Jacobs might had a crisis of extreme creativity or there was a crazy wind inside LV creative studio… in any case the world knows now the Louis Vuitton new ITbag, the Tribute Patchwork bag. Only 25 units were created at the price of $42.000. This incredible bag is the combination of 15 LV bags from the spring-summer collection. All the best parts from these 15 bags concentrated in one! The result is quite astonishing :
Louis Vuitton The Tribute Patchwork Bag

Today, we know that actually only 24 are left because Miss Beyonce had one in avant-premiere. As you can see, you need 3 things to wear this special LV bag in the street : A nice bank account, a body guard and a hell of a style! Well Beyonce has it all, so well done.
Beyonce and Louis Vuitton The Tribute Patchwork BagBeyonce and Louis Vuitton The Tribute Patchwork Bag
photos : bagsnob.com

This summer will be patchwork or it will not be!