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Last week was the Mugler Paris Woman FW 20-21 fashion show. Casey Cadwallader delivered an interesting canvas made of anatomic explorations of the body, sharp architectural inspirations for a powerful result. Truthful to the luxury house heritage, the Mugler Fall-Winter collection pictured a powerful woman who still is provocatively elegant and glamorous.

Artistic Director of the French Luxury house, Casey Cadwallader maintains the sulfurous reputation of Mugler fashion, by giving to women a over-powerful look, between the badass girl and the ultimate luxurious goddess.


Casey Cadwallader has an architecture studies background and we can see it on his fashion for Mugler. The precision of the lines, the sharpness of the cuts and unbelievable balance between materials and volumes. Women appear strapped in leather suits but they are also revealed through transparent or semi-transparent bodysuits. We are in the presence of a true celebration of the body.

Diversity of morphologies, gender disorders, Casey Cadwallader sends models with clear profiles to a podium. A position in tune with the times that responds to the emancipation of new generations.


Materials like leather allow the freedom of creation and to explore the woman’s anatomy. Apparel and body seem to match perfectly and effortless. The runway took place at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, which is a place about essentiality and post-modernism. It is the perfect framework for such a show.

Casey Cadwallader delivered very sensual show. Movements were voluptuous without any exaggeration. Sensuality was at its best, no cheating and no “chi-chi”…

From all the runways saw during this Paris fashion week, Mugler is by far the one celebrating femininity at is essentiality.

Oversized tops along with anatomic dresses create tension in the silhouette bringing a modern vision of women. Let’s also underline the presence of Bella Hadid who becomes season after season a key model in Casey Cadwallader’s inspiration pattern.

José Amorim
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