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Think of the airport as your very own international fashion runway. Hundreds of eyes on you, people from all over the world—it’s your chance to show them just how plane chic you are. Wearing the following will make you look ravishing and let you shine in full force on that moving walkway:

1.Large Leather Satchel

You’ll inevitably need a bag to carry all your personal items onto the plane—make it a good one. A large leather satchel gives you the ample room and compartments to store your most important items like make-up for touch ups, iPad to stream TV up in the air and of course, some cash for the in-flight adult beverages. Choosing a leather one will also give you that classy edge and the quality assurance to endure all the movement that goes along with travelling.

2.Dark Skinny Jeans

The sweatpants look may be enticing, especially when you’re about to sit on a plane for hours on end, but it most certainly is not a crowd pleaser. Some dark skinny jeans (stretch if that helps the marathon sitting) give you that put together look and casual comfort. Plus, the dark wash works to make your legs look slender while strutting your stuff.

3.Summer Scarf

There’s something about a good scarf that makes you feel and look sophisticated. And the fact that it’s summer and you can rock a scarf is even better. Wrap around a bright summer scarf with your airport outfit. It’ll give you a pop of color to brighten your overall ensemble, and make for a make-shift warmer on a freezing plane.

4.Maxi Dress

Dressing up in a maxi dress is the definition of plane chic. The flowy fabric not only keeps you super comfortable but wearing a dress in general states that you are ready to impress. Maxi dresses come in every format—from long sleeve, short sleeve to halter and thick straps. Choose the one that best fits your body type and rock it.

5.Easy Slide Sandals

To pair with your Maxi Dress, throw on designer slip-on sandals similar to these leather slides. Metallic is all the rage right now, and the gold band on it is an eye catcher. On top of that, these are super practical for when you might want to slide them on off during flight.

6.Simple Sneakers

If you prefer to be closed-toed when walking about the airport, get a stylish pair of sneakers. It’s best to wear extremely comfortable flat shoes on the plane—think of how tired your poor feet will be after standing, sitting, walking en route to your destination. If you’re opting for sneakers, select some that easy to slip on and off, similar to Keds. They’ll feel like sneakers, but look like ballet flats!


Glowing skin is a sure sign that you keep up with your health and beauty. While airports and planes are extremely conducive to drying out your skin, you can counter the effect with a high-quality moisturizer. Try packing a gel cream similar to Amway’s Artistry line—their Hydra-V Nourishing Gel Cream deeply hydrates dehydrated skin. It’s perfect for those long-haul flights!


8.Button Down Blouse

Wearing a blouse to the airport says you’re ready for anything or any business that might come your way. It tells people you are cool, calm and collected and travel at the ultimate standards. Try a button down one to give you a bit more mobility to button up or down for different scenarios and encounters while traveling.

Dress up for the airport while still getting the comfort you need. With all eyes on you, you can take on your travels with a boldness and confidence that’ll turn heads.
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