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Buying Swimsuit Online

The shady fluorescent dressing room lights are never as flattering as the golden, poolside sunlight. So, the best option is to shop online, trying them on at home and send back the things which doesn’t work. Luckily, there are more than enough online stores which offer almost endless stocks of bras, one-pieces, bikinis, bathing suits and everything in between. You may get overwhelmed by the prices of such products on the online stores. But you can get discount offers and voucher codes at vouchershops to shop from a number of stores online.

Debunking the Swimsuit Myths


Are you preparing to be a beach bombshell? Genius style tricks like tummy-trimming and super awesome flattering swim-suits can turn even the most swimsuit-wary girl into a certified Sun goddess. But there are some swimsuit myths which lets the girls backed. Let’s debunk some of them:

Myth #1: Never wear a white bathing suit
The fact is that white bathing-suit in a thick lining and textured fabric will block the show-through and this decreases the usability of a bathing suit.

Myth #2: The more coverage, the better
Extra fabric in the swimsuit can emphasize the thing you actually want to hide. For example, things like boys shorts can squeeze and exaggerate extra flesh, whereas a string bikini can be adjusted to lay flat on the skin.

Myth #3: Wear black to look more slimmer
Darker shades like navy, brown, plum and dark green can do the trick, too. Moreover, vertical and diagonal stripes and tiny prints also help a lot to make the body look leaner.

Myth #4: Buy the same size swimwear as your clothing
Typically, swim-suits are sized smaller than the clothes as they are designed to fit snugly. There are chances you may go up a size or two, especially with the brands targeted to juniors.

4 Things You Need To Do Before You Hit The Stores

  1. Check out your closet to determine which type already works on you. Do you love yourself looking in V-necked tops? Then, you should try halter cuts. Get focused on prints and not a solid in sight.
  2. Apply a self-tanner in advance one day prior to warm up winter skin. But avoid doing this on the day you plan to shop.
  3. Wear an easy-to-remove clothing and a seamless thong. A slip-on-flats allow you have speedy changes.
  4. Take enough time for shopping. You may not want to settle just because you’re in a rush. While shopping online, allot yourself more than a lunch hour to browse various sites and products and try on.

Crucial Moves To Make When Trying On A Suit

  • Lift up your arms over your head and check whether the top rises up.
  • Bend over and check if your chest spills out the front.
  • Lower your arms at your sides and see if your breasts are coming out from the sides of the suit.
  • Do the straps fall off when you relax your shoulders?
  • Sitting cross-legged, does the bottom pop open

5 Ways To Protect Your Perfect Swimsuit

  • Hand washing the suit in cool water with mild soap is the perfect option.
  • Clean the suit after every time you wear, even if you didn’t get wet, it’s important to remove the sweat, sunscreen and body oils.
  • Avoid leaning on the rough surfaces like cement, rocks or wood to prevent the snags on the suit.
  • Never wear the same swimsuit constantly for two days, or it will get stretched. It’s required to give the garment a 24-hour rest so that the spandex gets time to recover it’s shape.

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