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Spring 2020 has been an… interesting season, to say the least. Instead of celebrating this time of year by enjoying the sunshine with our friends and loved ones, most of us have spent our time cooped up indoors, taking shelter from a global pandemic.

While COVID-19 might have taken away our weekend plans, our favorite sports, and even our children’s school schedules, there’s one aspect of everyday life that seems impervious to its effects: fashion. The spring 2020 trends have still arrived! If you want a little luxury in these challenging times, make sure you recreate some of these amazing looks.


Many people are spending their days in quarantine learning new hobbies – soapmaking, cooking, crocheting, etc. And, in a bizarre case of fashion clairvoyance, it appears that the “homemade” look has already been on some designers’ radars!


Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton created a whole collection based on recycled scraps of fabric. Jonathan Anderson’s designs for Loewe were inspired by “the poetry of craftsmanship.” It appears that everyone is in the upcycling mood this season, and the looks they’ve come up with are truly unique.

How to Recreate This Look

Not a seamstress? Don’t worry; you can still sport the upcycled fashion look. Look for vintage pieces, or even items with lots of lace, crocheted elements, or classic patterns (think the 1960s or 70s). These styles are making a big comeback this season, and they’ll instantly give your look some homemade charm.  

Highlighter Hues

Spring is always a time for color. After many long months of the bleak, white winter, it’s refreshing to see the skies clear and the flowers bloom again! And this spring, many designers took their love of color to the next level with bold and vivid looks in highlighter-bright shades, reminiscent of 2019’s color schemes.


Everyone, from Courreges and Marni to Tom Ford and Balenciaga, had something colorful to showcase on the runway for this season. Yellows, greens, pinks, oranges – no hue was off limits! Even if you’re stuck at home this spring, this is a great time to brighten your day (and your closet) with some colorful pieces.

How to Recreate This Look

The key to looking luxurious in these highlighter shades is BALANCE. Stick to solid colors (colorblocking is a great option if you want a little more variety) and keep your accessories neutral (black, white, or tan). This will let your outfit speak volumes without being too “loud.”

Tiered Skirts

Chanel’s spring 2020 collection was all about femininity. The fashion powerhouse debuted looks with long maxi skirts that featured ruffled tiers, paired with sweet tops with puffy sleeves. This look is a lot of fun – it’s simple, chic, and totally twirl-able!


How to Recreate This Look

You might feel like a tiered maxi is too elegant for your everyday errands, but that’s simply not true! These skirts are delightfully versatile; you can dress them up with an elegant blouse and heels or tone things down with a simple tee or tank and sandals.

(Besides, after months on lockdown, we all deserve to feel a little fancy.)


Spring is usually a time for celebrating. There are proms to attend, weddings to celebrate, and a million other events where you can dress up and show off.


While our social calendars may be lacking at the moment, eventually we’ll get to celebrate again – and if designers like Ralph Lauren and Eckhaus Latta have anything to say about it, we’ll all be doing it in sequins.

How to Recreate This Look

Spring 2020 proves that sequins aren’t just for showgirls or gala gowns. The shimmery slip dresses and suits we saw on the runway proved that any look is better with a little glitter. Just make sure to pair your sequins with a simple silhouette. This will make your look understated and very chic.

Short Shorts (and Long Shorts)

The warm spring weather is often a time for us to show a little more skin. For spring 2020, designers were all about legs, showing off their models’ gams in a wide range of short styles.

Some, like Ferragamo and Rag & Bone, were all about high-waisted hot pants that barely covered the models’ thighs. Others, like Bottega Veneta, Chloe, and Givenchy embraced the more modest Bermuda short (which extends just beyond the knee). These short options give you many different styles to play with throughout this spring and summer.


How to Recreate This Look

Whether you decide to wear sexy short shorts or chic Bermudas, it’s important to pair the look with the right shoe. For example, a pair of knee-high boots can make your hot pants even hotter (and keep you from feeling a little TOO exposed when you walk around). You can also pair your hot pants with opaque tights and heels for a subtly sexy look.

For Bermuda shorts, grab a pair of flat shoes to complete your look. Bermuda shorts can sometimes make you appear short (especially if you’re not particularly leggy to begin with), so keeping your feet flat can give your look a little more balance.


Leather is usually a fall and winter trend. There’s a good reason for it: this thick material is great for keeping away the winter chill. But in spring 2020, it appears that leather may have found its time to shine!

Many designers, from Marni to Coach 1941, incorporated leather elements into their spring collections. It appeared in many forms – 70s-style vests, long trench coats, brightly-colored pencil skirts – but one thing was consistent across every look: leather is a great way to add some edge to your breezy spring wardrobe.


How to Recreate This Look

Leather elements can help you dress up your classic spring looks, adding some edge or sophistication (depending on the leather piece). Consider pairing your basic white tee with a leather (or faux-leather) A-line skirt. Throw on a leather vest over your favorite pantsuit. This will add some dynamics to your look without making it feel too “heavy” for the season.


Another popular trend on the spring 2020 runway was looks that leaned toward the risqué. Proenza Schouler, Mugler, Michael Kors, and many others debuted shamelessly sexy looks in a wide range of styles, from lingerie as outerwear to office-style suits that were decidedly NSFW.

Frankly, we LOVE this! The sheer details, cutout elements, and exposed corset boning on many of these outfits is just edgy enough to turn heads and stop traffic – and isn’t that what great fashion is all about?


How to Recreate This Look

If you’re up for a bold look that’s going to get attention, consider letting a deep v-neck top (or even a lacy bra top) peek out from under your office-appropriate blazer. This look embraces your flirty and feminine side, while still making you look like a boss babe (the best of both worlds).

We’re living through strange times right now, where nothing seems very certain. But you can take comfort in knowing that fashion will always be here to cheer you up and make you look (and feel) your best. So, while you’re stuck inside, visit your favorite online boutiques and revitalize that closet! We look forward to seeing your styles when we meet again.

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