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It can be difficult to find eco-friendly brands these days, especially if you are a fiend for luxury or designer products. If you invest in something that you later find out is not sustainable and gracious towards the environment, it can make it challenging to enjoy that piece. Luckily, there are brands that will give you the satisfaction of owning luxury items while still having the safest material. 

Eileen Fisher 


Eileen Fisher is a designer who thrives on recycled fabrics, organic fibers, and natural dyes. Known for painting in circular brushstrokes, using old textiles or discarded garments, she creates luxurious, minimalist, sustainable womenswear. She also collaborates with environmental conservation initiatives and empowers females through her Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute. 

Birch by Helix

Eco-friendly furniture is just as important as any other product, and is easier to find than you think.  Birch by Helix is a great option with furniture made of organic material. They are incredibly confident in their business and how they safely make each and every product. Hence the 25 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial they offer for their mattresses. 


They use natural latex instead of synthetic latex, which is tapped from plant life and not a blend of latex fibers and fillers. Their mattresses are crafted for more comfort by using lush layers of wool, cotton, and latex that support your body. This brand is definitely very dedicated in staying all natural, and is a wonderful option. 

Stella McCartney

This luxurious clothing brand is reshaping the fashion industry. Dedicated to not only giving consumers beautiful pieces of clothing but also set a high bar for sustainability. They are completely animal cruelty free with no fur or leather and use recycled textiles and organic cotton. The quality of the material is extremely high and long lasting, reducing the amount of wasted production. 

Beyond Meat

For those of us that enjoy eating meat, sometimes we do not take the time to realize where it is coming from. There are a lot of companies that abuse animals and do not take the time to care about the negative impact they are making in our environment. However, Beyond Meat is, well, beyond that. Based in Los Angeles, the company focuses on creating delicious and plant based meat products that are significantly better for the health of humans and the environment. 

Compared to a regular meat patty, a Beyond Burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions and requires 46% less energy. In 2018, they received an Environment Champion of the Earth Award from the United Nations. 



A favorite brand from those who find their happy place in the outdoors: Patagonia. The company not only has reliable adventuring equipment and quality clothes but also has their brand centering around keeping the Earth green. One of their core mission statements is “100% For The Planet”. They honor this by building repair centers all over the world to reduce their carbon footprint and designate certain money to environmental groups to preserve the planet. On top of that, they have certain items of clothing pieces that have been made from all of the recycled material. 

When you purchase something from Patagonia, you are investing in a premium product. This company is perfect if you are looking to do long traveling trips, are a heavy hiker and like to support sustainable businesses. 


TOMS have donated over 60 million shoes to children around the world. They even provide clean drinking water, eye services, and safe birth kits for communities in need around the globe. Their shoes and shoe boxes are made with recycled and vegan materials.

Not only are they eco-friendly, their shoes are also very cute and have countless options. When you purchase a pair you feel better about what you are taking home with you. 

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a brand that is an all-natural bath and body brand. We use soap products every single day, but sometimes do not realize the brands we use are not harmful to the environment. Lush is dedicated to practicing eco-friendly routines for all of their packaging or products. Their quality is luxurious enough to make you feel clean about your skin and the planet. 


They also always offer free samples when you go into their store so you can experience their value first hand. Their organic mindset has even inspired other beauty brands to make a change and follow suit. 

Our carbon footprint as an entire world and an individual is astronomical. The importance of reducing this is important in order to keep our environment happy and healthy. If you are looking for brands that are based around keeping an eco friendly mission, these brands are great examples. Not only are there core values in line with helping for a cleaner and safer world, but also have amazing and long lasting tangibles. Do not be hesitant to support these brands and maybe buy some new shoes or taste an incredible meatless burger. 

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