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The Top X Luxury Eco-Friendly Brands that You Need to Follow

It can be difficult to find eco-friendly brands these days, especially if you are a fiend for luxury or designer products. If you invest in something that you later find out is...

Exclusive Interview with Mélisande Grivet – When clothing takes on its full meaning

Switzerland is an amazing country where we can find outstanding talents in different domains from fashion to gastronomy and even design. Switzerland represents a true identity made of precision, quality, and attachment...

Thierry Mugler And The Legacy Of A True Artistic Revolution

Fashion brands come and go. A great fashion Mademoiselle said once: Fashion fades, only style remains. When it comes to style, certain names are iconically linked to it and Thierry Mugler is...

Top Plus Size Designers – And Where to Wear Them!

You are no longer a second rated individual in today’s society. You have come to love yourself as you are over the past ten years and now the fashion industry has come...

Victorinox Fall Winter Fashion Collection, Modern Craft story.

https://youtu.be/v6yB8TJabSA What is surprising with Swiss Ingenuity is the large numbers of possibilities. Victorinox is the proud ambassador of such philosophy and the Swiss manufacturer has season after season innovated in the fashion...

Friday Chronicle #20 – Why the fashion industry is killing fashion? A heritage and creativity debate. 

When a very well known trends agency in Paris said back in 2012 that fashion needed to get its freedom from the heritage and history or die, it was probably the most stupid thing to say. Nevertheless it was the state of mind of many people at that time. Since then several iconic Fashion houses decided to embrace this over-modernity philosophy and now, 4 years later, they are dying .

Is Nicola Formichetti the new Warhol?

Fashion, Arts Nicola Formichetti became one of the most influential person in fashion and design today. Multi-facetted artist, he works for fashion brands, is friend with celebrities and develop personal projects like...

TOP 10 American fashion brands in the world

United States had always a very inspiring way of life, very inspirational for many people around the world. Here are the top 10 most wanted American Brands in the world.

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