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This lingerie TV advertising was forbidden in the USA because it was considered too sexy. The exact reason is that the model has too big breasts… For once that a real women was on stage and very elegantly highlighted… It is hard to understand. Some people say it does not “fit” ABC or FOX criteria for advertising. Let’s not forget ABC belongs to Disney. That might explain some restrictions in terms of censure. I think this ad is not more shoking than some scenes of Desperate Housewives or Greys Anatomy or even Scrubs (series displayed by ABC). Too bad, at least you can see it here. What do you think ?

The Brand LANE BRYANT is an american women clothing focusing on plus-size clothing. It is a century brand as Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin started her business of Maternity designs in the early 1900’s. She developed her business throughout Mail order catalogs, so she would bypass local discrimination. Today, Lane Grand sons are holding the family business and want to help over-size women to feel beautiful and simply treated like normal seductive women. I vote for Lane Bryant !