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Men’s fashion has been developing really fast within recent years. It is no longer strange to see a well-dressed man on the street – elegance has become almost a synonym for masculinity. Thanks to the availability of trends and easy access to fashion, every man can create an elegant image. 

However, knowing what to start off with might be problematic. Therefore, below you’ll find some tips on how to establish a smart, neat look as a man, without spending a fortune or putting great effort into it. 

Start With The Basics


What are the top characteristics of ‘an elegant man’? Probably, the answers to these questions would be varied, as every man and woman has their own style rules, attitudes, and conventions. There are some basic things, however, that will always help create a smart look and stylish outfit. 

Firstly, think about your skin. If it’s perfectly clean, moisturized, and shining, everyone will notice this aspect and it will be your great asset.  Washing your face regularly and with the best face wash products for men is a must to achieve it. Good skincare can also make you look younger and relaxed. In order to take proper care of your skin, think about washing, moisturizing, and getting rid of acne and other unpleasant changes. To read more about proper skincare routine for men, take a look here. 

Then, if you have a beard or a moustache, also try to keep it neat and trimmed. Regular trimming can do wonders for its condition and general look. You can also use various beard oils or creams in order to keep it in the best condition possible.

Finally, remember about your nails! There’s nothing worse to see in a person than bitten nails and cuticles. Neatly cut and polished nails are always a sign of an elegant man. It’s no big deal to take regular care of your nails, either on your own or with a beautician’s help. 

Plan Your Outfits


Even though the basic general care tips are important, they won’t work if you don’t remember to dress properly. Of course, the choice of the outfit might depend on the occasion, but still, there are some general rules to follow in this field as well.

First of all, you should invest in good-quality clothes. Not every brand name can provide excellent quality and high-standard materials, so you should think more about what’s a piece of clothing made of, than about the label. Some examples of good-quality and long-lasting materials are silk, wool, cotton, or jeans. Try to avoid polyester or acrylic, as they don’t look smart and are not healthy for the body, either – you will sweat a lot in polyester or acrylic clothes. 

Think Of A Capsule Wardrobe 


Once you collect some good-quality clothes to fill in your wardrobe, it’s necessary to plan some outfits and combine the pieces of clothing together. Why is it so important? Nobody would look good in a randomly chosen outfit. To avoid problems with choosing your clothes every morning, simply make a list of ten to twenty basic outfits for a particular occasion

You can have, for example, three super elegant business outfits, ten casual ones, and three sporty sets for each season. Then, the only thing you must do is switch, remove or add any unnecessary items. You can save a lot of time and effort by doing so.

Lastly, consider establishing a so-called capsule wardrobe. It’s a name for a wardrobe made of clothes with similar patterns or colors, and the purpose of it is to make all your outfits elegant and easy to wear. You might choose three or four colors that you prefer and plan your capsule wardrobe using these shades. You might find some inspiration online, for example here. 


Accessories will be the perfect complement for every outfit. Also, in this case, remember to keep it minimalistic and elegant, but invest in good-quality items. The basics might include, for example, a watch, sunglasses, cufflinks, and a belt. If you want them to match your capsule wardrobe, stay within the colour palette that you’ve already planned in terms of clothes. 

Switching and changing accessories is an excellent way to bring some fresh air to your style without making it a great expense. Think of adding, for example, some fancy socks or a scarf to brighten your outfit a little. Some tips on that might be found here.


A lot of men still believe that smart dressing is reserved only for businessmen and celebrities. They couldn’t be more mistaken! Elegance is a much broader and universal concept and it can be achieved by anyone who wishes to put some effort into it. If you keep in mind some basic tips concerning skincare, clothing, and accessories, elegance is easier than you think! 

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