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This month Uniqlo annouces a collaboration between the brand and the Deyn sisters. We all know super model Agyness Deyn and her punk attitude. She became famous thanks to Jean-Paul Gaultier Catwalks. She was also the egerie of the brand last feminine perfume MaDame. She represents youth, rebellion but glamour and fashion… Is she a punky Kate Moss? You tell me. But did you know she has a young sister called Emily? Only 22 years old but already the owner of her own brand called Hussaindeyn. The young sister is definetely running under her young sister tracks in terms of “attitude”.

The Japanese fashion brand plays the card of top fashion references. First the fabulous agreement with Jil Sander for fashion design. Now they developed this collaboration with the Dean sisters. We can say that Uniqlo is looking for the most cutting edge position in the market.
The Uniqlo collection is a full range of t-shirts and tunics inspired by the punk years in England. Different nostalgic pictures under a polaroid layout brings this “destroy” attitude.

Here a short video about the making off.

“LES FILLES” from Alexander “Waldo” Seiler on Vimeo.

It is not the first time that Agyness Deyn has worked with the Japanese retailer. Last summer, she was the “face” of the brand’s sportswear campaign, alongside Kelly Osbourne’s model-fiancé, Luke Worrall. So we can say it is a success long story then. Available at Uniqlo stores and on the web this month. Check it out at