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4g logoA part the fact Marketers will be able to come up with new names, the 4G is definitely a cutting edge  matter. Why ? Simply because we will be finally able to watch video in good conditions on the phone network. Today, even Youtube at the maximum of 3G network is blurry and not fluid. Basically instead of having a 384 Kbps download and 129 Kbps upload, the 4G can receive a 100Mbps download on the move and almost a Gigabite in a static position. What this means ? Well, we all be able to download a complete DVD in one minute! Crazy right ? So 4G will wide open the doors of IP telephony, streamed multimedia, ultra-broadband Internet access and gaming services. Right now different multimedia providers are developing TV channels only for mobile devices and soon Mobile advertising will become a great business. Companies like ESPN, Fox and NBC mobile are already developing content adapted to mobile phones. With the arrival of high tech phones like the next iphone generations and other iPads, we might reconsider the entire mobile content offer. Mobile advertising, mobile e-commerce or m-commerce start being a reality, not only in terms of users but also in terms of million dollars. Check the link here for NBC mobile