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Can Technology Solve everything? The Modern Myth of Prometheus And The Limits Of Technological-fix

Two distinctive idealisms are currently in a struggle and one is not necessary for helping the other. In one side, we can see the failure of capitalism and how the economic model...

3 Biometric Security Technologies to Help Protect Your Wealth

Over the past decade, biometric technology has rapidly become a favored tool for digital security. The global market for mobile biometrics is expanding at an explosive compound annual growth rate of 29.3...

Who is the next king of cool?

Every decade has its rising stars, cash cows and dying mammoth... Ok, here I am not talking about Darwin or about animals... I am talking about innovative, creative and outstanding companies that...

Verizon Fios – Is It Really The Best in Class?

When it comes to cable TV, you won’t get any better than Verizon Fios. However, Verizon Fios isn’t for everyone, and it does have its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s weigh the pros...

“Sound of Porsche: Stories of a Brand”, a sensorial experience in the heart of a 911 by amp.

Some Brands understand the power of emotions and the ones who establish an emotional connection with their customers have a big victory. That was the challenge for Porsche. To connect to fans and non-fans through an amazing visual and sound experience only Porsche could think about thanks to the help of amp. Welcome to the Porsche Sound Lab.

Social Media in Switzerland, 2015 figures

Here are the updated figures for Social media in Switzerland. These figures correspond to end of August 2015. As we can see, Switzerland is a very connected country in which luxury brands but also media, electronics or retail food are all using social media to communicate with customers and fans.

4 trends for 2015 in which Millennials are already on

The 14 to 34 years old have developed a great capability of self-expression. While marketers tend to place them under the same umbrella, Generation Y is probably the one since the last...

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