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Nowadays, because of the advancement of technology and smartphones, it has become easier to capture and share amazing photos. Photos are a great way of preserving memories. Time will always pass, but an image can immortalize memorable moments. Therefore, it’s worth trying to take the best images possible whenever you decide to snap a few photos.  

Numerous picture editing tools are available online to assist you in modifying your images. These applications frequently include unique features that distinguish them from one another. As a result, you’ll probably discover that some applications excel in some areas while others excel in another, and some will be all-arounders.  

Photo editing apps are important because technique alone may be insufficient. Even if you’re a professional photographer, you will need an application with the appropriate features to assist you in producing the highest quality content possible. Since no two applications are the same, you must choose applications based on their features and your needs. And that said, below are some things to look for in a photo editing app.

1. Filters

In this world where social media has many users, filters have become increasingly popular, especially among younger audiences. Some social media applications incorporate filters into their platforms to help users create unique images.  

So, when looking for a photo editing application, consider those with the option to edit photos with filters like the Airbrush app. There’s a wide range of filters that an editing application could avail to its users. Plus, these filters can be constantly updated through software upgrades. The more filters it offers, the better. Filters have the power to transform a regular photo into a beautiful piece of art.

2. Visual Appeal

It’s important to note that most users have short attention spans. Therefore, an application should make a positive first impression within milliseconds of being launched. Therefore, you need an application designed properly with all the elements, features, and colors arranged properly for the best experience. The application should look aesthetically pleasing and should be usable.  

Achieving this may not be easy. That’s why developers may have to hire professional application designers to help them develop visually appealing apps. For the user, visual appeal matters because it can improve the user experience.   

3. Simple User Interface (UI)

In reality, most people using photo editing applications may not be professional photographers or editors. An app should be designed so that an average user can use it effectively. Therefore, it would be best if an application had an interactive and easy-to-use interface that makes editing photos easier. You need to look for an application with all the features easily accessible and visible. 

A good photo editing app should have features like cropping, editing, and filters on the landing page so that they’re easy to access. Having these functions on the homepage effectively declutters the screen. It would help if you didn’t struggle to find your app’s edit or crop photos function. Plus, given that apps can integrate artificial intelligence in photo editing apps, you could look for apps with an auto edit button to make the editing process much more effortless. So, when looking for an app, make sure it has a simple, navigable, and interactive user interface.


4. Basic Features

Every photo editing app has to perfect the basics. The basic features of a photo editing application are crop, straighten, rotate, flip, and red eye correction, among others. These basic features will probably be the most used. Therefore, you’d want an app that has these as things well.  

5. One Touch Optimization

If you’re a professional photographer, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll want an application with an extensive range of editing features that allows you to edit thoroughly to get the desired results. However, most people don’t understand the intricacies of photo editing and won’t know how to utilize complex functions. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to have an app with one touch Optimization feature for those users who don’t want to spend a lot of time editing pictures. Thus, this feature essentially edits photos for the user to touch a button. Or, it could give the user the best photo suggestions based on the various elements in the original photo.  It’s a handy feature to have in an application since it enhances convenience.

6. Effects and AR Masks

You may find these features useful if you’re an active social media user. Augmented reality (AR) filters are popular on various photo-sharing applications nowadays. These filters allow people to add dog ears, cat whiskers, and various masks onto images. This feature is intended to make content creation fun and exciting which is why many people use it. So, when looking for a photo editing app, you might want to consider whether AR effects are available or not.  


The growth of the internet and social media has allowed internet activity to increase over the years. People can quickly post or share photos on their timelines, and you can rest assured that people want to look nice in the photos they upload. And this is where photo editing applications come into play. Nonetheless, consider the points mentioned above when looking for a photo editing application. There are a lot of applications to choose from online. Therefore, you might want to do further research to find the right one for you.

José Amorim
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