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Every year the first big media event after Christmas is probably the Oscars. The whole world has his eyes focusing in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel since 1929. All amazing films, actors, actresses and movie directors among others are rewarded for their great accomplished work. This year the biggest winner of all was… Samsung. In deed the Korean brand has been one of the main sponsors of the cinema ceremony by investing more than 24 $million since 2009. Last night, the Oscars made history by crushing Twitter servers. How? Just by publishing the biggest Selfie of all times in terms of Retweets.

Elles Degeneres Selfie Oscars
2.5 million retweets during the ceremony, 2.7 million RT currently, 1.3 million favorites. It beats by far Barack Obama image that had the record word “only” 780’000 RT.

Barack Obama Victory tweet
So why everybody says that Samsung got the biggest advertising ever thanks to this celebrities selfie? Well, the presence of the Galaxy Note3 was definitely not by chance.

Samsung Galaxy note 3
During the entire show, several Samsung advertising messages went on air. Samsung also sponsored a special area called the Green room at the Oscars in which several celebrities had selfies made by Samsung and sent directly to the Oscars social networks.
Another interesting fact is that Elles Degeneres used an iPhone in backstage to tweet content. So probably “backstage” was not part of the contract. It was the website The Verge who spotted this “little” difference.

Ellen Degeneres has an iphone
Hollywood is above all the biggest entertainment of all. And definitely we were completely entertained last night. It is impressive to see how Samsung is massively investing in brand visibility in all major worldwide events like the Olympics and the Oscars. Here, it definitely got the first prize! Here is other shots from the selfie scene:






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