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Consider for just a moment that there are more than two billion active global users on Facebook alone and you will quickly understand that one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness will be via Social Media. However, Facebook isn’t alone as there is YouTube, the second largest social media site, with Instagram up there near the top as well. The social accounts you choose to create are up to you but don’t choose to build brand awareness on more than just a few. The time and effort involved would be cost and time prohibitive.

However, on the flip side of the coin, social media can offer you the quickest way to build brand awareness between all types of marketing strategies, and from there, you want to employ the fastest ways to use social media to your benefit. Here are a few ways to quickly gain followers with a snowball effect to build brand awareness on your social pages.

Give them a Perk or Two

While it may be a bit difficult to offer perks on a luxury brand website, discounts are always nice for those who refer the most visitors to your website. Or, perhaps you could offer a voucher code to the social media loyal follower who is able to refer the greatest number of friends, who then become followers. The key is to have your luxury brand become a household word, and there is no quicker way than through the grapevine that is social media.

Go with the Flow – Post a Funny Meme Daily

There is no doubt about it. Memes are now the trendiest aspects of social media and even luxury brands can benefit by posting daily memes. While they should probably be related in some way to what your brand is all about, if they are funny enough, they’ll quickly go viral. Start with an All Rage Faces Download and then put your own meme to the face. These are quick and easy to build and post, but the time-consuming part will be finding humorous bits of content to put to the face. You are in sales, after all, so listen to what your clients or customers are saying. You probably don’t see a day’s end without having heard something wonderfully funny. Put that to a face and post it. Your followers will love it!

Photo Contests with Prizes

One final thought on having your brand go literally viral overnight is to post a photo contest with prizes. Again, you might only be able to offer one bit of luxury merchandise per contest, but that can be reserved for the winner. Runners-up can be awarded voucher codes, coupons, and even cash awards if you so desire.

You might even want to have contestants submit photos of them with or wearing your products. You’d be surprised at just how quickly your followers start scrolling through your pages to see what they can order for their photo op. It’s amazing just how quickly you can launch a social media build brand awareness campaign by keeping your followers interested and active. If it takes awarding prizes, so be it. Everyone likes something for nothing, it’s just Marketing Basics 101 and the more contestants you get, the more followers you gain as well. That’s the epitome of effective brand awareness strategies.


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