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The smartphone business is a huge market in which strong players are fighting for their market shares. When you are a company competing in such intense environment you have 2 choices. Either you go for the fight and try to get a piece of the cake from the big players, or you innovate and you take a different approach. And this is the case of Savelli Genève. Their approach of the smartphone business is based on ultimate luxury and poetry in the palm of your hand. Going away from technologic gadgets, Savelli Genève proposes a beautiful and well thought collection of smartphones in which you can have a high-level of of customization. Each phone is a jewel that every woman would dream to have. More than a phone, it is a Savelli phone. And for that it is our company of the month.

When you ask Savelli why did they choose to establish themselves in Switzerland, the answer is pretty straight forward. They explain they wanted to gather exceptional know how around jewelry and technology. Only a place for that: Switzerland. Switzerland and especially Geneva developed an amazing know-how and tradition in terms of Jewellery, watch-making and high-tech in general. What you need to know is that every single phone by Savelli is a piece of art, all assembled in Switzerland.

At the beginning there was “the line”

For every amazing design, there is always a starting point and for Savelli smartphones it is what we call the  line of grace.  This is an interesting concept developed and analyzed by William Hogarth in the 18th century in a book he wrote about aesthetics and art called The Analysis of Beauty. Here are some illustrations from the book.


William Hogarth is an english painter, sculptor and engraver born in the 18th century. Hogarth wrote and published his ideas of artistic design in his book The Analysis of Beauty (1753). In it, he professes to define the principles of beauty and grace which he, a real child of Rococo, saw realized in serpentine lines (the Line of Beauty). The line of beauty or line of grace display a perfect balance between aesthetics, diversity and femininity. Nothing more elegant, beautiful and mind-blowing than an outstanding woman silhouette.


By designing everything from this principle of perfect harmonious beauty, Savelli created the ultimate feminine phone in which elegance, sensuality and luxury play together as a master-piece.


 The phone is your modern jewel

More than a mobile phone, Savelli creations are true jewels made from the best of the best of craftsmanship. From precious metals to amazing gems, stones and different leathers or ceramic, your Savelli phone will always be an unique luxury piece.



All details of the phone are amazingly subtle and refined. You find the line of grace everywhere. The top part that represents what Savelli call the “heart” of the phone, translates the touch of uniqueness and also all the work of craftsmanship you can see in the watch.



Amazing Know-how at its best

This result can only be accomplished thanks to great in-house talents from many artisans. Every aspect of this luxury smartphone is taken care by an expert on his domain. Savelli truly gathered a dream team from jewelry and fashion experts, to softwares designers and high-tech experts. All details are important and they have enough talents so that every single amazing detail is treated millimeter by millimeter. It is an unique brand. They buy all components individually and assemble all parts in Geneva. Some details like the double sided-round Sapphire glass are just out-of-this world.

Know-how-Black-Insane-Baguette-Diamonds Know-how-Champagne-Diamonds-2 Know-how-Savelli-Golden-Heart Know-How-Savelli-Golden-Interlace Know-how-Savelli-Ribbon



And it is still an advanced Mobile phone

Savelli is working with Google Android. Not only because is one of the most advanced OS today, market leader in terms of units sold, but also because it is open source and can be customized for the needs and aims of Savelli. The entire environment is personalized from Factory and the user can of course customize the screens and functionalities. The phone has a 32GB memory, micro USB, Bluetooth, WIFI 802.11 b/g, GSM QuadBand coverage worldwide (850/900/1900 Mhz), PC and MAC synchronization.

Savelli-Android-phone-screen-1 Savelli-Android-phone-screen-2 Savelli-Android-phone-screen-3 Savelli-Android-phone-screen-4 Savelli-Android-phone-screen-5

There are some interesting functionalities developed by Savelli. The first one is the “Mirror”. It is an application in the main menu that activates the front facing camera for your convenience.  Several choices of frames ara available, so you can customize your mirror, from Snow white to hollywood starts. The second interesting app is the Flashlight. This application available in the main menu activates the screen in bright white light so that you may use it a flashlight in a dark environment. Final but definitely not least, the Jardin Secret app. In French:  Secret Garden. Here is how Savelli explains the functionality of this app: wherever you travel, your Jardin Secret app suggests events and experiences to surprise, spoil and inspire. Pinpointed to your location. Shaped to your interests and tastes. Once you have inserted your Sim card and preferably when you have a Wi-Fi connection, go through the simple registration to create your account. A personalization call is scheduled in order to tailor experiences to your own preferences. This last app is for the moment in development, so Savelli is finalizing the details that will bring your experience beyond the simple Concierge service.


Last but not least, the ringtone. Naturally you can upload your own ringtone, but please note that all ringtones installed in the smartphone were developed by famous DJ Stephane Pompougnac, resident at Hotel Costes.


A beautiful Communication story with Julia Roitfeld by Patrick Demarchelier


The only way Savelli would develop a lifestyle more than “another mobile phone brand” was to gather the best people possible. They hired people from the luxury industry, from fashion brands to luxury jewelry and timepieces. The result is a set of luxury references that will bring the brand territory to an unique position in the high-tech industry. The communication campaign was shot by the amazing Patrick Demarchelier and features Julia Roitfeld, the daughter of Karine Roitfeld.  Here are some of the great shots created for Savelli in which the talented photographer and model tell the story of this great relationship between a woman and her phone. Here is our mood video about the photo shooting.

Savelli will be attending the sixth edition of the annual amfARevent in Milanon 20thSeptember 2014,giving its contribution towardsthe fight against Aids.SAVELLI, which hascreated the world’s first luxury smartphonesdedicated to women, announces a unique bespoke edition -“Savelli Diamond Rain with pink gold, diamonds and green python” to be up for auctionat the amfAR gala dinner on September 20th.


The brand is already distributed in Europe and around the world. If you wish to know more about Savelli, do not hesitate to check the official brand:

When amazing talents get together, only amazing things can result of their collaboration. Savelli Genève is an unique brand with a specific position. It’s been a while that we did not see a true innovation in the smartphone industry. While Apple and Samsung get into the sharks fight, Savelli Genève goes away from this old fight. Savelli Genève build more than phones, it proposes a companion for your life, including your deepest secrets.



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