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EV car owners can “refill” their cars at home. This is not possible for many conventional gas car owners. You can charge your electric car by simply taking it into the garage then plugging it in. These cars can therefore be beneficial for those who use them. You can get EV charger installation at home. Read on to find out some information about charging your electric car at home. 

Outlet to use

Owners can employ a standard outlet for this purpose. However, this takes some time. You can even install a good wall charger if you want the charging to be faster. 

Every electric vehicle has a 110-volt-compatible, or also Level 1, type of home connector kit. This includes an extension cord that lets the car get plugged within the standard outlet. This will be on one end then into your vehicle on the other one. 

What cord to use

It has been suggested by Consumer Reports that many electric vehicle owners, mainly those buying the plug-in hybrid or PHEV that has a small battery, begin with only the included cord, instead of getting the 240-volt and Level 2 one that is wall-mounted. 

Many PHEV owners do not require a Level 2 charger. It is possible for the Level 1 charger which is given to charge the vehicle 100 percent throughout the night. 

You should invest in a good wall-mounted charger when you require the charging to be faster than 110 volts can give. This is also if you do not possess convenient access to some public and workplace chargers. An electrician is required to install the special 240-volt receptacle. 

Photo by Charlotte Stowe on Unsplash

Who is Level 1 better for?

Level 1 can be enough for most EV owners who do not drive the car for more than 40 to 50 miles in a day. This is more than the overall average everyday commute for drivers in America. 

Ways the charger functions

Those who have an electric car will probably know the basic functions of the car charger. You probably will not know the ways that the charger function. Within the bonnet of the car is where the charging device tends to be found. If you want it to function, this needs to be connected to some external home electric car point that can charge it. 

It is the EVSE that behaves like the link among the power source as well as the EV charger. Certain devices can be mounted upon the wall. Others can be mounted on some metal pole.

For the car you have, you can get the charger made for it, such as Audi e-tron charger. You can get the vehicle charged at a station. But to make it more convenient for you, get the charger installed in your home. It will be possible to easily charge the vehicle in the comfort of the home and whenever you need to do this. 

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