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Friday Chronicle #36: Algorithms as the Architects of Our Reality?

Unveil the modern drama of digital destiny: Echo chambers shape us, algorithms define us. Will we break free from the electronic diktat?

The Metaverse Mirage: From Trendy Triumph to Timely Tumble.

Metaverse: The digital utopia we all needed, or just another bubble ready to pop? Dive into luxury's digital dilemmas. #RealityCheck

Try Out These Awesome Trends That Have Taken The Internet By Storm

Who would have thought ten or twenty years ago that technology is going to change so much? It is continuously evolving and showering the world with some outstanding innovations. The world didn't...

Tips to Charge an Electric Car at Home

EV car owners can “refill” their cars at home. This is not possible for many conventional gas car owners. You can charge your electric car by simply taking it into the garage...

The Future Of Retail, Technology At Your Service

The more internet technologies allow retailers to review their model, the more important changes will be put in place across the user experience. Here are 4 major changes that will certainly happen...

Luxury iPhone X Cases: Our Top 3

With more than  30 million iPhone X sold in the last quarter of 2017, Apple still makes the dream machine work. Out of these 30 million, 7 million were sold only in...

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