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Hi, here we go again with Vertu. Well, definetely Vertu and luxury go well together. It is not the first time I talk about this incredible brand that in less than 10 years opened a new path in the crazy mobile phone industry. My previous article was here.

As you know, Vertu is a Nokia brand run totally independent from the mother group. The concept of the company is to make mobile phones in the same vein as luxury watch manufacturers like Rolex, IWC and Patek Philippe. The most expensive model it has ever made is the Signature Cobra, at £213,000 (~$310,000); the most expensive regular model is the Signature Diamond at £55,000 (~$83,000). Prices start at £3500 for the Constellation model. The mobiles themselves are made from very expensive materials such as gold, sapphire (for the mobile screen), rubies (for the bearings) and fine leather. Each mobile is hand-made in its factories in Church Crookham, Hampshire, England. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong. Vertu’s president and COO is Perry Oosting, and the Principal Designer is Frank Nuovo. The company now has over 400 employees (source:

With the new Ascent Ferrari GT, Vertu shows how far inspiration can come from anywhere, even from the Automobile. As each phone is handmade, all details are in the state of art. Each detail reminds one characteristic part of a Ferrari car. It is masculine, discret yet design oriented, a luxury phone!

Franck Nuovo explains on the Brand website: “Right from the beginning, the Vertu Ascent was inspired by cars. I wanted Ascent to be influenced by power, by energy, by the precision of a beautiful engine.”

They also launched under the Ascent collection, the Ascent TI Ferrari, or we could also call it the “Black Ferrari”. Beautiful and yet low profile.

Both are beautiful objects with the magic button on the side:

One of the services acquired with a Vertu mobile is a year’s free concierge service called “Vertu Concierge”, operated by Ten Lifestyle Management worldwide. It is accessed through a special button, the “Concierge key”, on the side of every phone. This ‘hot key’ puts the user through to a team of lifestyle managers who can book services such as gourmet dining, luxury travel or accommodation around the clock. Nice? Super nice! I would love to experience that service and let you know about it. So, if someone could help me to borrow a Vertu phone for a year…. thanks in advance! :-).