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The Ferrari V8 Turbo engine: State of the art.

Discover the Ferrari V8 Turbo engine. A true state of the art for all automotive enthusiasts. An exceptional engine for exceptional cars.

Here is what Ferrari showcased during the Zurich Auto Show 2018

The Zurich Auto Show 2018 is currently taking place in Switzerland and Ferrari showcased the very best of new cars. With more than 225 exhibitors, 42 new models, an area of 30'000m2...

Swiss Premiere of the Ferrari Portofino: the event!

Every time Ferrari presents a new model it is big news. So when Ferrari presented earlier this year the Ferrari Portofino at the Frankfurt Motorshow, all aficionados felt their hearts race. Now,...

The Monaco Grand Prix 2017: An Action Packed Weekend

The 2017 Formula One World Championship season is fully underway, with the sixth fixture having taken place in Monaco from 25th-28th May 2017. Undoubtedly the highlight of the annual 20-race calendar, this...

LaFerrari Open-Top, special series. One in a kind.

There are people who refuse to compromise on the joy of al fresco driving even when at the wheel of a supercar. This is why LaFerrari Open-Top is all about. The sassiness...

Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT, more than a phone

With the new Ascent Ferrari GT, Vertu shows how far inspiration can come from anywhere, even from the Automobile. As each phone is handmade, all details are in the state of art. Each detail reminds one characteristic part of a Ferrari car. It is masculine, discret yet design oriented, a luxury phone!

Ferrari has now its own phone!

Based on an intelligent partnership between FERRARI and the computer constructer ACER, the world saw this week the arrival of the first official Ferrari phone.

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