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With the social media revolution, more and more people wonder if they should start a website/blog or just go for a Facebook page. In deed, because social networks introduce more and more publishing features, one can really wonder why should he open a website or a blog. Everything looks so easy in Social Media in terms of structure, virality and editing that sometimes we do not wish to spend too much time on traditional channels. Here are some good reasons, 10, in why blogging will still be better than Facebook. Hopefully this will convince you… or not!

Reason n.1 : “Mark Zuckerberg will not control you”.

In your own website or blog, you can do whatever you want, the way you want. On Facebook, I agree that Timeline improved a lot of things but, we need to dance by the rules. No room for fully customization or personal templates.

Reason n.2: “Multi-channel is a golden rule”.

With a website/blog you can reach multiple audiences at the same time. This includes RSS, email and ALL social networks. On Facebook you can only reach the people who have a Facebook account and mostly the ones who like your page.


Reason n.3: “People will click more!”.

Try to persuade someone you do not know to click on a Facebook link…. no way. Or try to ask someone in Facebook to click on a link that will send the person somewhere else…. no way!. So a compelling link on your blog will most likely be clicked!


Reason n.4: “Value for click!”.

Facebook fans will only Like your Brand if you have something valuable to offer. With a website/blog you can offer more value via helpful tips, FAQs, advices and teaching new things.


Reason n.5: “The content source”.

Your website/blog will the the foundation of all the content you will provide to be displayed online. Facebook will only be a promotional/distribution tool to disseminate the content.


Reason n.6: “News for all”.

Facebook decides who reaches your information and sees your updates. In your website/blog, everybody at anytime can reach your information.


Reason n.7: “This is for ever”.

All the information posted in your website/blog will remain online for ever and will be found in search several month/years after the publishing date. Facebook updates last only a few days for the most. Then, it goes to the dust of cyber times…


Reason n.8: “SEO, SEO and SEO”.

If you set it up right, your website/blog will improve your search ranking through in-bound links and keyword optimization. Facebook will never contribute to your rank. We hear sometime that Social networks links are profitable for SEO. In time this is wrong.
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Reason n.9: “Always ROI”.

Facebook marketing can bring you either good results but also bad results or even worse: no results. Investing time in your website/blog always pays-off. The website/blog remains, so every single feature implemented will just stay there and contribute to the visitor experience.


Reason n.10: “Stability and consistency”.

In your website/blog you are the person who decides about changes. Facebook can change very fast and without further notice, so sometimes you can make people mad because finally that feature that everyone loved is not working anymore.


So convinced?

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