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The age limit to (still) be a blogger

You can call them bloggers, influencers, social media beasts, the new celebrities are not top models, singers or movie stars, they are from the web. Some of them are young, others are...

Millennials: be your own fashion designer

Looking good is important. You want people to notice you and admire your choice of outfit, but unless you can afford to pay designer prices, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. High street fashion is great, but there are always thousands of people wearing the same outfit and putting together an original outfit is hard to do. Luckily there are ways to look like you were born a fashionista without spending a fortune – and here’s how.

Why Blogging is better than Facebook?

With the social media revolution, more and more people wonder if they should start a website/blog or just go for a Facebook page. In deed, because social networks introduce more and more...

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