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Have you ever seen a well-organized closet? Didn’t you just love it? An unorganized closet would always lead to an ultimate search for items that should have been easily picked out if the closet was well arranged. From shoeboxes to custom closet systems, closet organizers can be easily gotten from various stores.

Getting the closet organizers is the tiniest part of achieving an organized closet; creativity caps it all but do not fret! We know you want to stop making a mess of your clothes, and we have picked out several ultra-satisfying organized closets to aid you in arranging your closets. Check them out below:

Closet Organization Ideas Just For You

1. Leave No Space Behind

Spacing out your items does not necessarily promote the organization of your wardrobe. Professional recommendations from assure that small closet sizes will not stop you from effectively organizing your closet. You can maximize your storage space as long as you have closet organizers like plastic baskets, racks, hooks, hampers, shower rings, shelf dividers, and others. You can create more space and keep adding items to your closet when you detect open spaces. 

However, maximizing your space does not mean that you should choke the closet with too many items. Old clothes and accessories, for example, should be discarded to create space for the ones still in use. Screen your closets and stash items that have not been in use for at least 5 months.

2. Racks and Hanger Affairs

A closet with racks and hangers holds so much promise. There are a lot of closet organizers you can use for your racks and hangers. Items such as cloth dividers, shower rings, and pipe cleaners are simple closet hacks to make your life easier:

  • Cloth Dividers: You can even have these dividers printed yourself! Clothing dividers are simple to use and less time-consuming to install when organizing the closet. You can use them to sort out clothes by styles and sizes when using the rack. With these, you can increase your storage space by stacking different sets on the rack while separating them with the clothing dividers. 
  • Shower Rings: Instead of dedicating a hanger to each scarf you have, shower rings allow you to hang more than one scarf with a hanger. Shower rings are fancier and also save you storage space while organizing your closet. 
  • Pipe Cleaners: Using hangers for shirts can be infuriating because they keep slipping off! Luckily, someone thought of something we could use. Pipe cleaners can prevent your shirts from slipping from the hanger. An added advantage of using these is that you can make them yourself!
Photo by Андрей Постовой on Unsplash

3. Each Group of Items to its own Space

Most of the time, allotment of space to each group of items can be unreasonable. The spaces mapped out for the items do not have to be equal, but they should not be divided without considering other items. The frame of this closet marks out the space that each group of an item is entitled to. This process will help prevent the choking of items when organizing your closet.  Arrangements could also be made by category; Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.

4. Better Closet Lighting

The neatness of your closet is admirable, but it will not be as functional as it could be without adequate lighting. Closets that are deeper or have a smaller doorway may not receive as much light as is necessary from your leading bedroom lights.  Make sure that you illuminate the entire space so that you can find things without just relying on the fact that your items are well-organized, but also because you can see everything!

Do not settle for an outdated incandescent bulb and a pull chain for lighting in your closet. Perhaps a new energy-efficient LED light fixture will work well, or maybe some recessed overhead lighting. If you find that the closet is still a little dark, consider adding a few additional light sources, such as LED puck lights. In addition, you will have the option of choosing between battery-powered and hardwired LED task lighting. It is best to opt for the latter type of lighting, as it provides a higher level of lighting quality and does not require batteries to be changed.

Bonus tips for arranging your closet

  • Sort your clothes by category.
  • Discard old items.
  • Hang sturdy items.
  • Make your closet less boring; use color codes.
  • Use conventional hangers for hanging items.
  • Use the top shelf to store away items you don’t use frequently.
  • Use storage boxes for your workout clothes and pajamas.
  • Add a mirror nearby (When you try out clothes, you can quickly check them in the mirror and return them to the closet if you don’t like your combo)
  • Hang your purses and accessories
  • Don’t waste wall space; use them!!
  • Separate clothes into seasons. 
  • Always empty and clean your closet periodically. Closet organization is a continuous exercise.

Finally, never forget that the size of your wardrobe should also guide you in picking out the suitable frame for organizing your closet. Nevertheless, arranging your space should not get you all worked up, be creative and have fun while at it!

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