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People have been keeping birds as pets for hundreds of years. The Egyptians were one of the first people to keep them in captivity, and they found it so enjoyable that they began to breed them into different colors. 

The Greeks also kept birds, but only because they believed that the souls of their dead loved ones had taken on a bird form. They would often set out food for these “immortal” creatures or try to catch them with nets when they flew too close. 

In more modern times, many people like having birds as pets because their songs are pleasant and soothing – not at all like those noisy dogs barking outside! They’re also very clean animals, most species don’t need baths or frequent grooming sessions.

Types of birds that are popular as pets 

The first step to owning a bird is to find a local breeder or store that sells them. Some pet stores, such as PetSmart, only sell birds that have been bred in captivity, while others also carry exotic ones such as parrots from South America or African finches. If you are getting a pet bird for the first time, you can read more here to see which birds are the best pets to start off with. There are some birds that are easier to take care of than others, so it is a good idea to research on the Internet to see which ones suit you before going out and getting one. For those of you who want a bird that doesn’t poop too much, then these are some birds for you: canaries, finches, cockatiels, and parakeets. For those of you who want a bird that eats a lot and is fun to watch or listen to when they make noise then these are some birds for you: macaws, cockatoos, parrots (especially the African Grey), mynahs, lovebirds, and canaries. 

The type of bird that you get will depend on how much time you can allocate to taking care of it as well as how much space it needs in your house. Please note that all the birds we listed above should not be kept in outdoor aviaries because they need protection from outside predators such as cats or other animals.

How to take care of your pet bird 

A bird’s diet needs to have plenty of protein and calcium. The bird should not have too much fat in the diet. Birds like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. They also need to drink water every day, and they may like to bathe in dust or sand every now and then. Birds are social creatures, but they will enjoy some human company once in a while. Just make sure to provide them with enough space for their own time out. 

The bird needs a cage, and the bigger, the better. You should keep your bird’s cage away from any drafts from air conditioners or heaters. The temperature range should be kept between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18-29 degrees Celsius). You can use either a ceramic or metal bowl for food and water, but try to avoid plastic bowls as they will get too slippery when wet. Do not keep your bird in direct sunlight because it will burn its feet. A towel on the bottom of the cage is advisable so that it can rest without putting its feet on wire mesh, which can cause injury. 

A common question asked is how to tell if a bird is sick. Any change in normal behavior or appearance of your bird may indicate illness. If you notice that the droppings are smaller than usual, he may be ill. Do not force-feed him when this happens. It will only make his sickness worse because his body won’t be able to digest what he eats. When transporting a pet bird, keep it in its cage, which should have food and water available at all times. 

Benefits and drawbacks to having a pet bird 

The benefits of owning a pet bird vary depending on the species. Some birds are known to be very intelligent, such as the African gray parrot and the cockatiel. Other types of pets may not be quite as intelligent, but they do provide companionship in a different way. Another benefit is that some birds can serve as natural pest control because they feed on harmful pests such as bugs or rodents. However, there are also drawbacks that come along with owning a pet bird. For example, birds need plenty of fresh air and sunlight when cared for indoors, so having more than one inside at a time would not be recommended.


Birds are social creatures and need human company now and then, but they also benefit from time to themselves. If you’re considering adopting a new pet that needs lots of attention, love, and care – consider adopting or buying a beautiful parrot as a family member. The benefits of owning one are innumerable, including the fact that a parrot can talk and mimic human speech.

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