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You’re here because you’ve found the right person to spend a lifetime with. Congratulations! After a long search and probably a series of heartbreaks, you’ve finally found the one

Now that you’re ready to drop the knee and put a ring on it any time, the pressure to make it flawless and special for your dearest can be paralyzing. The barrage of advice from those around you on how to do it right must weigh down on you. Here’s how to set up your own kind of perfect proposal in 5 steps, so you don’t need to get overwhelmed..

5 Best Ways to Plan an Amazing Wedding Proposal

First, Get the Ring!

Indeed, you don’t need to pop a diamond-studded fancy ring to ask someone to be with you forever. However, it’s undeniably the highlight of the moment. It’s the seal of your love and life-long commitment. It’s also the one everyone will look for once you share the joyous announcement that your partner said “Yes.”

If you two have been looking forward to tying the knot, they must’ve already hinted at what kind of ring they want. If not, conspire with their closest friends to do the sleuthing for you. You can also scour their jewelry box to know their personal style. 

If none of these seem to be helpful, ask a trusted jeweler for recommendations. You can’t go wrong with choosing the timeless beauty of an elegant vintage engagement ring, especially if your partner is passionate about environmental advocacy. 

If your partner isn’t into shiny jewelry, there are also stunning preowned engagement rings, so you can save on the ring and put your money on something that matters more for you both. Just don’t forget to get their exact size down.

Sort Out the Details

A proposal can be as simple as getting a ring, spilling the question, and hoping your partner will answer in your favor. If you already have a ring stashed away, you can go the spontaneous route. But it might not be as meaningful compared to a carefully planned proposal that considers your partner’s preferences. Here are some questions to help you get everything in order:

  • When’s the best time and place? Set the right location and schedule, especially if it’s a destination proposal or you need to book the venue beforehand.
  • To go public or not? Consider whether your partner would love to have onlookers, even family and friends, or if they prefer a more intimate setting. Public proposals are tricky and, unsurprisingly, among the reasons that proposals are rejected.
  • Who are involved? Identify who will be present and who will take part in preparing the secret and pulling off the surprise. 
  • Will you outsource the planning? You can always get the help of an event planning agency to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. 

Make It Personal and Meaningful

Whether it’s something grand or a sweet moment with just the two of you, the proposal should be unique to your relationship and history. Find a meaningful venue, like your favorite restaurant, the university where you met, or a memorable dating spot. You can also tap ideas from a movie, TV series, character, and other pop culture references that you both love and make it an integral part of the occasion. For more ideas, check out the latest proposal trends that you can personalize.

Freeze the Moment, Professionally

Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels

You can always have trusted friends around with their iPhones and capture the perfect shot. Still, nothing beats the quality and skill of a professional photographer. You’ll get amazing photos worth the fancy frames and the best spot on your gallery wall. You can hire a videographer to film everything and play the proposal footage on your wedding. 

Jot Down a Speech

You might think you know what to say when you drop the knee and actually propose. But such a nerve-racking situation will render you speechless. You might fumble and stumble (and that’ll make an adorable video) and miss telling your special someone what you truly feel. 

Prepare a script, even though you’ll probably improvise your way to the end of your speech. It should help you find the right words and organize your thoughts before you ask a once-in-a-lifetime question.

Cheers to Your Happily Ever After

You’re about to change the rest of your life forever in the best way. And while there’s no perfect way to propose, these insights should help you make it as unforgettable as you want it to be for the love of your life. Best of luck! 

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