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If you’re a professional equestrian or you simply love riding horses, you know that wearing the proper clothing isn’t just for the sake of being fashionable. In more ways than one, equine fashion goes beyond what’s trendy or not. The right attire can make or break the riding experience in terms of comfort and safety. 

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in quality equestrian clothing. Regardless of whether you love joining competitions and horse shows or you just spend a lot of time at the stable or in the saddles, skimping on your rider wear is a big no-no. 

Engaging in horse riding activities typically means you have the means and resources to care for high-maintenance horses, so you might as well go all out and don the best clothing styles available in the equine fashion market. 

Thankfully, the industry is brimming with different brands that offer the products you need so you can stay fashionable, safe, and comfortable while riding your prized possession. Among these brands is BARE Equestrian Australia

Getting To Know The BARE Equestrian Brand 

Not all equestrian clothing brands are created equal, but you probably already know that. You may have tried several apparel and accessories brands in the past, but the desire to find one that will meet your delicate taste and style is always there. If you’re still on the hunt for an excellent apparel line for your horse-riding pursuits, you might want to get to know the BARE Equestrian brand from Australia. 

With a bit of research, you would discover that the Australian brand, BARE Equestrian, is making waves in the equine fashion market for good reasons. The company claims to be an innovator with its array of comfortable, breathable, and stylish products. BARE is also considered a pioneer in equestrian athleisure wear, which is why the brand is consistently popular among horse riders and enthusiasts in Australia and other countries across the globe. 

BARE is one of the leading brands you can turn to if you’re looking for unmatched luxury, style, and quality as you enjoy your favorite sports. Its founder, Hollie McLeod, is an equestrian herself and is armed with an extreme passion for horses and fashion. Upon starting the company, her vision was to design and make equestrian clothing pieces that are innovative and stylish enough to be worn from the stable to the street. 


Shopping By Product Type 

What started as a line of ‘performance tights’ has turned into a brand that offers an array of products for horse riders, be it for a competition or not. BARE has it all—from training shirts to tights, pads, jackets, socks, and other equestrian accessories. Among their best-selling items are the performance riding tights that come in different sizes, colors, textures, and materials. Aside from the high-quality fabric, the tights also boast full seat silicone grip technology that flatters your figure regardless of your body size and shape. 

BARE also has a No Grip collection of riding tights that feature a superior fit thanks to the four-way stretch innovation. The fabric is high quality yet with light compression to ensure you stay comfy no matter how many hours you need to wear your pair.  

If you’re curious to find out more about the brand’s other products, here’s a quick list that might come in handy: 

  • Winter Wear 

Another innovation that BARE offers to its unique clientele is the ThermoFit technology that highlights a meticulous design using their exclusive fleecy fabric that ensures warmth and is designed with winter weight compression. The performance tights under the winter series are smaller than the regular line to ensure there won’t be any compromise with the fit and comfort.  

Another must-have in your winter riding wardrobe is the functional jacket with a hood and two-way YKK logo zip. Now, you no longer need to worry about the freezing winter weather if you want to go out for a ride early in the morning. Aside from being lightweight and breathable, the jacket will surely suit your fashionable taste because of its flattering cut that gives you a slimmer look. 

Other items you can find in BARE’s winter series include winter headbands, wind and rain jackets, vests, beanies, technical riding shirts and jackets, and zip sweaters. If you like flaunting the brand’s name on your clothing, you can opt for their emblem sweaters to complete your BARE look. 

  • Competition Wear 

For equestrian competitors, donning the right wardrobe pieces is key to giving them ultimate comfort and confidence. Although most competitions provide a dress code for riders, that doesn’t mean you’re no longer allowed to tweak or choose your clothing based on your personal style and preference. You can count on BARE to give you a selection of riding apparel and accessories that meet any equestrian discipline and requirement. 

The collection comprises performance tights that are all refined to ensure a sleek and assertive competition attire. You’ll still find notable features that are present in their regular line, like performance riding tights, but with added details and elements such as belt loops and professionally tailored seams for a more flawless look. 

  • Ecoluxe 

The Ecoluxe range is BARE’s answer to the pressing issue of plastic waste and its alarming effect on the ecosystem. This eco-friendly line was created to help preserve the planet, featuring a range of riding apparel and accessories made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Although recycled, the fabric maintains its luxurious and high-performance quality to keep up with your riding needs.  

What’s more, you’re able to contribute to a brighter and greener future each time you purchase anything from BARE’s Ecoluxe line. Aside from recycled tank tops, you also have recycled shirts, socks, and saddle pads to choose from in this sustainable fashion collection. 

Final Words 

Make no mistake: the Australian brand, BARE Equestrian, is making waves in the equine fashion market. With their varied and high-quality collections of horse-riding items, the company is most likely here to stay.  

Whether you’re a leisure rider or a professional equestrian who’s up for competitions, you know how critical it is to find a clothing line that meets your intricate taste and comfort needs. You won’t need to worry about that anymore because BARE Equestrian has everything you need. 

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