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Have you jumped on the latest bralette trend? Women of all shapes and sizes are enjoying the style, flexibility and inclusivity that comes with the beautiful bralette, making them a staple piece in both our wardrobes and our lingerie drawers. 

We love bralettes for a variety of reasons, the way the gorgeous fabric contorts and moves with our bodies, the soft, breathable fabric that keeps us cool, the lack of painful underwire and tight straps, and the beautiful array of styles, shapes and colours we can try. No matter what kind of bralette you prefer, it’s easy to see that they complement every body shape and create a flattering silhouette that every woman wants. 

But did you know that you can easily match different styles to different moods? Stunning bralettes are versatile enough that they can not only adapt to your body but also your personal style, elevating your look and giving you the ability to express your feelings and emotions through your outfit. Want to know more? Read on to discover how to match different styles of bralette to match your mood. 

Feeling Sexy

Whether you’re going on a date, planning on spending some time with your partner, or you just want to feel good about yourself, then wearing something sexy can certainly get you in the right frame of mind. Interestingly a lot of confidence comes from what we’re wearing and how the clothing makes us feel, so pairing a beautiful dress with a gorgeously delicate lace bralette is a great way to give yourself a confidence boost. Or, for something a little more intimate, a mesh bralette with matching underwear will certainly get hearts racing – and because bralettes are so inclusive anyone can look and feel good when they put one on.

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Cute and Playful

If you’re wanting to feel a little more feminine, or maybe you’re in a cute and playful kind of mood, then finding a bralette to match and accentuate your mood is easy. You’ll find cute bralette tops in abundance, or you could opt for long line bralette in a cute colour. Spaghetti straps and scoop neck bralettes can give your current look a playful and feminine air. Try pairing one with a floral midi skirt, or with some high waisted jeans. 


Of course, no one really cares what anyone wears to the gym, and no one is judging you. You’re there to exercise and practise some self care. However, just because everyone is interested in their own workouts and form, doesn’t mean you can’t dress for yourself. Sporty bralettes come in all colours and designs and work well with leggings, sports tights and shorts. Choose a style with built in cups for a little extra support.


If you’re feeling relaxed and chilled out at home, then having a range of bralettes in a variety of colours can really accentuate your mood. Consider a bandeau design to wear underneath your favourite hoodie, or a crossback style that you team with some relaxed fit joggers. Whether you’re watching Netflix or you’re reading a book, you’ll feel even more comfortable in a bralette!

Final Thoughts…

Matching different bralettes to your different moods is easy when you know how. And it’s a simple but effective way to highlight your current frame of mind and turn heads for all the right reasons. What style will you try today? 

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