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When inviting guests over to our homes, we usually go overboard and ensure everything is set and will impress the guests. Whether the guests will stay for a while or are there for one day, you will want them to have a wonderful experience at your home. If you have had guests to entertain at your home before, you have a clue of what to do.

If you are inviting guests for the first time and have no clue what to do, here are five ways to impress your guests when entertaining at home.

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Take time to deep clean all areas in your house. Start cleaning the house from the ceiling. Use a paint roller to clean the ceiling and other top areas. If you have unused old clothes, damp them in water and roll them on the paint roller to clean hard-to-reach areas.

For your floor, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. Ensure you vacuum the floor thoroughly to leave it spotless. A clean floor will make your guests feel secure while having fun at your home. Carefully check for any spills that may cause slips. Clean the washroom thoroughly and use an air freshener to leave it smelling nice.

When cleaning, ensure you cover all areas in the house, including the windows, bedroom, front and backyard, kitchen, and bathroom.

2. Have All Essentials at Hand

If you are hosting the guests for more than a day, it is essential to offer them all basic needs. Prepare the guest bedroom in advance. Ensure it is clean and supplied with clean blankets, pillows, and bedsheets. Stock the bathroom with all necessities like hygiene products, shampoo, and body soaps. If the guests visit during summer, ensure you turn on the air conditioner at a suitable temperature while asleep.

Lastly, guests will not stay in your house without food and drinks. Stock up enough food supplies and bottled drinks in your cottage kitchen. This ensures your guests can have snacks anytime while catching up and getting entertained.

3. Offer Entertaining Activities

While hosting guests in your home, create good times with them. Suggest fun activities you can do together. Some of these activities include going swimming, playing cards, or roasting meat in your backyard.

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These guests may either be your relatives, friends, or colleagues. Take the opportunity to bond and have fun with them. Ask for some time off work and use the time to care for and entertain your guests at home. By doing this, you will create a great experience with your guests that will be worth remembering.

4. Make Your Home Comfy

Apart from ensuring your house is clean and safe for your guests, the other thing to consider is creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Have you ever wondered why people stay in coffee shops for long hours? It is because they love its cozy atmosphere and ambiance. Try achieving the same ambiance in your home.

When thinking of making your guests cozy at home, think of how you feel when going to your favorite coffee shop. Create a similar ambiance in your home that will make your guests desire to: 

  • Replace your curtains with warm color curtains such as purple and blue
  • Add a small bookshelf with magazines and books in one end of the living room
  • Place a bowl of sweets at the center table in the living room
  • Add an indoor plant in the living room, bathroom, or guest bedroom

5. Show Your Guests Around

Do not make your guests feel like they are strangers in your house. Find ways to make them feel comfortable. This is by showing them around the moment they get in your home. Show them the direction to the backyard, kitchen, and bathroom as they want to use or walk to any during their stay. Doing so will also save you the hassle of getting direction questions every moment.

Also, ensure you give the guests instructions on operating your home appliances, security systems, consoles, and showers. This way, you will make the guests feel welcomed in your home.

Being an excellent party host to your guest will not only make you feel happy, but your guest will have something to emulate. Treating your guests well will make them feel secure, create a good experience, and make them feel special for the time they will be in your home.

Liz Becker
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