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As you age you may find that you are no longer capable of taking part in some of the activities you might have enjoyed in your youth. However, staying active could still be incredibly beneficial for your health. Due to this, it can be important to find ways to keep yourself active without compromising any of your medical problems or even making you feel worse. Golf can be a more leisurely activity that still gives these benefits without you needing to overexert yourself.

To be able to really get involved with your golfing game, you may want to consider finding the right golf wedges to suit you. These can vary dependent on your budget, as well as your level of experience. 

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If you lack finesse in your swings, you may want to think about opting for a more forgiving wedge. Should your local range have a lot of sandy areas, you might also want to purchase one that is better in this environment. 

Taking the time to consider the wedge you use may be able to improve your game, and even make it more enjoyable for you. Even something as simple as swinging the wedge could be classed as part of keeping active.

You’ll need to take a golfing bag around the course with you. This can be a normal part of a day spent golfing, but it can also contribute to exercise and activity. When the weather is dry, you may find that your bag can weigh around 13.6kg, including your clubs and balls. When you are carrying this for a prolonged period of time it can be deemed similar to a weight training exercise. 

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If you plan on golfing when it rains, this could increase to around 15kg. Being able to lift, carry, or wheel your bag takes some level of effort. You might not even notice this, especially if you are fixated on the game itself, so it can be a great way of getting that exercise in.

At most golf ranges you may not spend your time standing in one place. Remaining static wouldn’t be helpful when you have sent your ball off in another direction. Due to this, it is estimated that you could walk around 6.6 miles throughout the duration of a single game. All of this walking can be great exercise, especially when achieved in combination with fresh, clean air. Going for walks can also do wonders for your mental health, as well as physical.

Playing golf may often be seen as a senior sport, but there is no denying the benefits it can bring to your body and mind. Gentle exercise, and an enjoyable game with friends, can help to keep your mind and body in better condition.

 You may wish to start out slowly and gently to see what you are capable of. Generally, as long as you don’t hold up the people behind you, there is no rush to get around all the holes, which could be better for those with reduced mobility.

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