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Wakesurfing is one of the many water sports you can indulge in besides scuba diving, surfing, and water skiing. This sport entails you surfing behind a boat that creates a wake for you to surf along. Sounds easy, right? But it still depends on the circumstances. The easy aspect of the sport lies with the accessories you use. The appropriate gear will ensure you have an easy time and you’ll enjoy the sport; the opposite applies in equal measure. One of the wakesurfing accessories you need is a wakesurf board. 

The wakesurf board market provides many options, meaning you must be careful with your choice. As a beginner in the sport, you may be wondering what’s the ideal wakesurf board for you. Here’s a guide on your selection process:

Consider The Brand

Like in any other industry, many companies manufacture wakesurf boards. Quality might be an issue with the many options since companies will adopt different manufacturing techniques. Therefore, you should consider the brand of your wakesurf board. 

It’s important to research and find the most preferred brand with wakesurf boards. For example, most people prefer USA made wakesurf boards like Swell Wake’s collection. It shows the company has a good reputation, which you can trust to provide your ideal board. A board from a reputable brand will assure you of your safety as you wakesurf and ensure longevity. You’ll get value for your money.

Look At The Type Of Board

Wakesurf boards tend to come in three types: surf, skim, and hybrid. The differentiating factors are their shape and functions. 

The surf-style wakesurf board is often short and wide. The big surface area provides room for stability; hence, it’s the best for beginners. This board floats well and helps you master the sport without endangering your life. However, you can’t do as many tricks with this option as the others. 

On the other hand, the skim wakesurf board tends to be narrow and long. Its appearance requires you to have the ability to balance on the board without tipping over. As a result, you need to have skills for the sport.

Now, there’s a balance between the two extreme types, and it’s the hybrid wakesurf board. This board has the features of both surf and skim-style boards. For instance, you’ll find a wider board like the surf-style board but narrow like the skim board. The hybrid board gives a taste of the two extreme board options for the sport. You might have advanced your skills as a beginner, but they’re not perfect enough for an expert. The hybrid allows you to grow your skills through its skim-style design with the safety features of the surf-style board.

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Consider The Size

The size of your wakesurf body greatly determines the level of comfort you’ll have as you wakesurf. So, you want to look at the length of the board. Your choice of length should go hand in hand with your height. 

In most cases, you’ll find that taller people need more stability. Therefore, choose a board whose length allows you to wakesurf without strain on your leg muscles. You want your focus to be on surfing, not the pain in your legs due to the wrong posture. Your chosen vendor should guide you accordingly.

In terms of size, your chosen board should be able to hold your weight; various wakesurf size charts give guidance on this. For instance, if you weigh approximately 110 pounds, you should choose a board whose length is approximately 125 cm if you opt for a shorter board and 134 cm for a longer board. Be sure to measure your weight and height before purchasing, and follow the size chart accordingly.

Consider The Rails Of The Board

The rail is the edge of your wakesurf board and determines how water moves past your board. Here, there are two aspects to look at: the board’s thickness and shape.

A wakesurf board whose rail is thick will move slowly against the wake the boat has created. The result is moderate speed as you wakesurf. It’s ideal for beginners. On the other hand, a thin rail will make the board cut through the water at a faster rate. 

Regarding the shape, some rails have a full shape, while others have a harder shape. The full shape is more or less round, allowing your board to glide against the wake smoothly. The opposite applies to the harder shape. 

Your choice of rails should depend on the type of wakesurfing you want to enjoy. A harder and thin rail is best for you if you prefer high speeds. In contrast, your go-to choice for average to low speed should be the full and thick rail.


This discussion has established the importance of a wakesurf board as you learn and perfect your skills in wakesurfing. It further guides you on ensuring you settle for the right wakesurf board as a beginner. Consider implementing this guide as you purchase your board. Should you encounter any uncertainty when purchasing, your wakesurfing needs and safety should guide you appropriately.

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