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Decorating is a costly business, and we probably need to spend a fortune to get that look you just saw in magazines. When you look at buying rugs, furniture, mirrors, paint, art, and more, the cost can add up and damage your bank balance. The good news, especially in this time of rising costs, is that you can get that luxurious look and feel without spending a fortune. Here we explore some of the best hacks for getting that home to be proud of and show off to the neighbours.

Plump and clear

There are many ways to elevate a bedroom, especially if guests are staying. The easiest is to buy overfilled pillows and cushions for the bed and give that double a sumptuous feel. Remember how much we love the feeling of sleeping in a hotel bed, as though it is the comfiest place we have ever rested our heads. It is all done on a budget with some clever choice of pillows.

The other way to create a sense of luxury is by giving an impression of space. The room will always look small if it is full of furniture and the floor is littered with detritus. Keeping the luxury of a bedroom means keeping the clutter out of the way. If you have some cash to spare, you should invest this in some high-quality storage, which will make this task so much easier.


Getting playful with the old

When you skip through magazines, luxury is often apparent because of the antiques and period features that are on show. We are not suggesting that you take this opportunity to move yourself to a Georgian mansion in the posher part of town. Instead, you might want to invest in some decorative moulding, which gives the impression of a period feature. It is not only a bargain to buy from your local DIY store, but relatively simple to install too.

Another way to bring some luxury with the antique is to buy one feature piece that draws all the attention in a room. The best décor tricks the eye with some well-placed items, making the observer believe they have walked into a palace!

Go for curves

While a minimalist design will celebrate the straight lines and wide-open spaces of painted walls, it is hardly what we would call a luxurious feel. It feels a lot like living in a piece of conceptual art. You need a curve or two for genuine, authentic, beautiful luxury. You can add lots of depth and gently guide the eye of the visitor around points of interest in the room.

You should consider furniture with rounded arms and backs, but your accessories should also come with sensuous edges. Look at your choice of mirrors and lamps – and the legs on your furniture.

Window dressing to die for

Your window takes up a lot of attention in your room. Without trying, your window will draw the observer’s attention, and if you haven’t put some luxury in place, the effect will be lost. So, investing in a custom window treatment adds the bespoke touch that will help your living area stand out. While this is not a cheap option for a single item, it is a single purchase you can make that will have the most impact on the feel of your room.

Go metallic

A bit of glitz, and we mean just a bit, can add some glamour to a space. We are not suggesting a mirror ball or a full gold leaf wall, ala Donald Trump, and what we suggest is a few well-placed gold or silver-plated items that catch the light in the room and add some depth. Remember, to be tasteful, you only need a small amount of metallic to get a lot of impact. This is definitely a less is more situation, which is great for the bank balance.

House plants and fresh flowers

Nature does a brilliant job of looking beautiful, and it seems to have this base covered. Therefore, why not bring some of this beauty into your rooms. A house plant, especially one with big waxy leaves, will add a sense of luxury. Equally, a well-placed vase of fresh flowers can perk a room up and add a scented element. 

Small things, big impact

The good news for would-be interior design goddesses is that the journey to a showstopper room isn’t going to break your finances. You can make any room look and feel luxurious with a few savvy purchases.

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