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Hotel interior design is an art form, which is why it’s so hard to replicate in homes. Unless you have experience as an interior designer, you might struggle to create an elegant, spacious, and balanced space.

If you’re unhappy with your current design or would like to put a high-end stamp on a new property, there are tactics you can introduce to astonish every guest. Continue reading to learn how to style your home like a five-star hotel.

Add Balance and Calm with Symmetry

Most five-star hotel rooms use symmetry to create a relaxing, serene environment for guests. Follow in their footsteps by identifying a natural midpoint in a room, such as a bed, a large window, or a fireplace, and then flank it with symmetrical furniture, accents, or artwork. For example, you could position two identical bedside tables on either side of a bed and place matching lampshades on top. It will make your interior feel balanced, organized, and elegant.

Wow Guests with a Beautiful Hallway Centerpiece

Most hotels focus on creating an amazing lobby to ensure guests feel wowed the moment they step inside. Ensure your home does the same by adding a beautiful centerpiece that will grab your guests’ attention once they enter your home. 

If your hallway is on the smaller side, draw the eye with a striking chandelier or a colorful work of art. However, if you are lucky enough to have a large, spacious hallway, add a touch of luxury and sophistication with a grand focal point. For example, you can attend piano auctions to source and incorporate a beautiful instrument into your home. It is a guaranteed way to impress your guests.

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Choose a Simple Color Palette

The most luxurious hotels in the world often feature classic color schemes, as they are flexible, timeless, and elegant. Create a chic setting by incorporating creams or pale beiges into rooms across the home. Add pops of color with vibrant accents, such as cushions, artwork, lampshades, and books.

Keep It Fresh with Crisp White Fabrics

High-end hotels won’t feature anything but crisp-white bed linens, pillows, towels, and bathrobes. They are aesthetically pleasing, and they will make a room appear fresh and hygienic. Patterned bedding can make a bedroom appear cozy, but white bed linen will look more luxurious and clean each day.

Reign in Clutter

Good organization is essential in a hotel. The most luxurious accommodations understand you don’t need many objects to create an attractive, sophisticated space. For this reason, you must pare back on clutter as much as possible to create a light, airy, and stylish space. 

Also, it never hurts to browse through various design magazines to understand how to best use different nooks and crannies. Remember, every possession should have both a purpose and a home. Don’t be afraid to use quality baskets or bowls to neatly hide items you don’t want on display, which you can incorporate onto shelving, bookcases, or inside cabinets.

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