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In 1917 one of the most popular shoe brands began. Chuck Taylors have been the go-to choice for shoes for generations. With hundreds of different styles, millions of people have found converses to be their favorite type of sneakers. 

The brand Converse originated in Massachusetts. Originally, these shoes were mostly for playing basketball. Though soon after they gained popularity for all different other uses. 

Today, basketball is one of the dozens of reasons why we buy Converses. Converses have gained popularity for being versatile shoes.  

The question of how to wear converse shoes remains. How do you style these shoes to fix your daily life? Or even dress them up to fit that big day. 

If you’ve been wondering how to style converse sneakers we’re here to help you. Follow these suggestions for a new way to wear your favorite type of shoe. 

A Pop of Color

One of the best ways to wear converse sneakers is by using them as a pop of color. Converses come in many different colors and patterns. The different colors can dress up even the most monotone of outfits. 

Use your shoes as an eye draw. If you wear all black throw a color such as a bright red or green. Doing this gives others something to draw their eye to. 

By dressing up your plain-colored clothes with a pop of color, you get the chance to show off your shoes. Your shoes can even pair with colored jewelry that pulls your outfit together completely. A small bracelet or colored beads work as fun accent pieces. 

A Subtle Accompaniment 

Alternatively, converse shoes could be the less outrageous alternative to your outfit. Deciding to put on shoes that are in subtle tones can dress down a clothing item that seems to be over the top. 

If you don’t want attention drawn to your sneakers, you can throw on a subtle pair. A simple black low-top shoe is comfortable and provides versatility. A simple shoe doesn’t add too much to the outfit but makes you feel comfortable.

Try picking out a neutral shoe that supports your clothing without drawing too much attention. You’ll feel great with your steps while also drawing eyes to the highlights of your outfit you want people to look at. 

Dress Down Formal Attire 

The great thing about Converse sneakers is that they can be dressed up for any occasion. White converses can even be styled under a wedding dress or a hue can be matched to bridesmaid’s dresses to match with the groomsmen. 

These sneakers are so versatile that many wedding-goers opt to wear them with their best attire. Many individuals even custom design their shoes to better fit their big day. The simplest of pairs offer customization or are even inscribed with good wishes. 

Sneakers for things like weddings and proms have been a trend in recent years. Most of those who opt for sneakers choose to wear converses due to how many different options there are available. 

Classic Self Expression 

If you’re a person who likes to show off who they are then there’s a pair of Converses out there for you. For years the designers of Converse Chuck Taylors have worked to bring the most expressive patterns to their footwear. There are loud colors and patterns for every personality type

Choose a pattern that showcases who you are! Or maybe there’s a color that you’re never able to stay away from. These shoes likely come in that exact color. 

The other great thing about Chucks is that they can even be written on. We all remember those days of drawing on our shoes with sharpies, right? The brand is machine washable and yet your designs always stay in place. 

An Easy to Wear Option

Throwing a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star shoes on with shorts or jeans is an easy decision. These comfortable sneakers are easy to slip right into. There’s no fuss with buckles or velcro. 

Instead, throwing these sneakers on requires a quick knot on your way out their door. They’re a quick choice that gives you a comfortable shoe for all types of wear. 

Converses are lightweight sneakers that are great for the spring, summer, and even the fall. They don’t cause your feet to sweat and they match nearly every outfit. Throw on a pair of Chucks for an easy-to-wear look. 

Edge of Sophistication 

Converses are also the perfect shoe for a job interview. Throwing on a pair of black converses with tan slacks and a sweater can count as business attire. There is no need to polish up those dress shoes. 

By choosing Converses for business attire you give yourself a level of comfort. These familiar shoes may even boost your confidence by making you feel not so out of place in dressier clothing. 

A simple shade can be a great alternative to those uncomfortable boots that may even cause blisters after too much wear. Walk the halls of your potential new job in shoes that give you a comfortable alternative. 

Now You Know How to Wear Converse

It’s time to style those sneakers any way you choose. Converse sneakers go with just about anything. You never have to question how to wear converse. 

Chuck Taylors are the type of shoe you should be using for self-expression! Style them up however you feel the most comfortable. 

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