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Being a first-time pet owner can be complicated. Each pet out there has different necessities, and it is up to us to be up to the challenge. That is why, as first-timers, we have to make sure to be prepared for the adventure and decide beforehand whether we are capable in the first place.

Dogs are, probably, the most popular pets to own. It is easy to understand them, and they can be great companions, however, a very important part of the process of owning a dog is getting to know its breed. Knowing the breed’s necessities is very important when it comes to dogs, just because the breed of the dog can heavily influence some of its behavioral patterns and physical needs.

One of the most popular breeds of dogs around the world is known as the Australian Shepherd, and if you are interested in owning one, this article is definitely for you. We will make sure to cover some of the things you will have to keep in mind as a first-time owner and discuss important things you should know about this specific breed.

Let’s Talk About Needs

Believe it or not, as shown at, considering your needs before adopting a dog is an important part of the process. 

Do you live by yourself, or have a family to take care of? If you live by yourself, how much time do you spend at your house in comparison to the time you spend at your work? How big is your home? How much money can you spend on your dog’s necessities? Do you prefer a family kind of breed, an active type of dog, one that is calm, or one that is more guard-oriented?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before adopting any dog, even if you already have a choice in mind. If you do so, successfully living a life with the new companion will be a much smoother process, and it will be easier for all parties involved to enjoy the experience. 

If you are set on adopting an Australian Shepherd, considering these questions will help you decide whether this breed is actually viable for you or not. 

An Australian Shepherd’s Physical Traits

  1. Size and Physical Needs

Let’s talk about sizes. There are thousands of breeds of dogs in this world, and each breed differs from one another by multiple features, but one of the most easily recognizable features is the size of dogs. And knowing it beforehand is important since it lets you know whether the environment you live in is suitable for them.

Smaller breeds of dogs are suitable for big or small houses, but larger breeds are better in homes where they can comfortably move since they can feel anxious and even stressed if their movement is limited.

The Australian Shepherd can be considered a medium-sized breed, as shown over this holistapet australian shepherd guide. This means that they do require a certain level of space to live comfortably. 

  1. Exercise Requirements

One of the responsibilities of a pet owner is to ensure that the pet is leading a healthy lifestyle. Of course, diet is a very important part of this process, but people tend to miss out on the exercising needs of a pet, which is essential when it comes to some breeds of dogs.

When we talk about the Australian Shepherd, we talk about a very active type of dog, and because of this, they absolutely have a consistent exercising routine. That is why they are recommended for people with active lifestyles or for families that enjoy physical activities and can share the responsibility of exercising the dog.

Without enough exercise, they can become anxious and stressed, and even turn into destructive forces of nature that will obliterate your sofa, so if an Australian Shepherd starts acting like this, you know what might be the cause. 

  1. Coat and Grooming

Although a dog’s coat can be groomed so it won’t release as much fur, it is important to understand the coat’s needs and the dog’s skin. An Australian Shepherd’s coat is very rich and varies between curly, wavy, or straight. They vary greatly in colors, and they should be groomed every now and then. 

It is recommended to only bathe them whenever is necessary because they have sensitive skins, and if possible, groom them every six to eight months. 

Their Personality

Now, funnily enough, another important aspect of owning a dog is their personality and how they behave in different circumstances. Some dogs are better suited for people who live by themselves and spend a lot of time in their houses, while others are more independent and can be left alone without worries, whereas some dogs do require attention and love regularly, which makes them perfect for families.

Australian Shepherds are well known for being very family-oriented dogs, very intelligent, and enjoy going under training and performing specific tasks, which is the reason why they were used as shepherds before. 

This is heavily linked to their physical needs as well, so it is recommended to have a place to enjoy outdoor activities or else they will turn destructive and misbehaved. 

They commonly get along with other dogs and can trust unknown people easily, but they will defend themselves and their families if needed, making them great guard dogs overall. 

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