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There are little gems all around us that hold glimmers of inspiration.” – Richelle Mead

Summer and Spring are a jeweler’s dream, as bare skin and a bevy of gala events entice jewelry lovers to splurge on accessories that make bold statements and complement designer outfits to perfection. However, winter, with its fitted jackets, colorful coats, and closed tops, is equally suited to jewelery items that turn a serious outfit into something playful. Without a doubt, 2022 marks a period of vertiginous growth for luxury jewelry, with the market predicted to witness its highest global growth between 2022 and 2088. If you are thinking of investing in a few key pieces this season, the following trends may inspire you.

Pearls are Back

Pearls have always been associated with timeless elegance, but they have taken a bit longer than usual to make a comeback. This season’s jewels of the sea are bigger and bolder than in the past. At New York Fashion Week, Givenchy models strutted down the catwalk in large beaded pearl chokers, while Erderm dressed its models in satin, ruffle-necked dresses and dangling statement pearl earrings. Pearls are also playing a starring role in wedding jewelry. While diamonds are undoubtedly the classic choice for bridal rings, many couples are now choosing vintage pearls as their main stone, surrounded by delicate diamond details.

Hoops of All Sizes Entice

Hoops have traditionally been seen as an everyday item, but today, luxury brands like Rellery, Tiffany, and Jade Trau are taking hoops to the next level, jazzing them up with precious pearls, diamonds, and colored gemstones. Buyers are also going ga-ga over ear-hugging, double, and mixed metal hoops, paired with little black dresses and Chanel suits.

White Gold and Platinum Statement Pieces

Snowy weather suits cool-toned jewelry, which is why high-end clients are seeking white gold and statement pieces that turn a simple outfit into an artistic ensemble. Just a few pieces worth owning include statement chokers, heavy chains with hearts, crosses, and other large pendants, and thick 16-inch chains. Fashion pieces by Gucci in silver are a more affordable but still chic alternative.

Floral Fantasy

In case you thought that flowers were only cool in the spring and summer, think again! Check out the fall/winter fashion weeks of brands like Roberto Cavalli, Ulla Johnson, and Loewe. These designers dressed their models in enormous blooms such as earrings with tendrils hanging down to below the neck and sewn flowers as brooches. Roberto Cavalli has a killer gold harness made of roses that connects at the back, both at mid-back and waist length. For something more discrete, Cavalli’s single-rose gold choker with a wide gold chain add the perfect rock chic touch to an evening outfit.

The wide range of designs for Autumn/Winter 2022 is tempting indeed for lovers of fine and high-end fashion jewelery. Top trends to watch out for include pearls, hoops, and white gold or platinum statement pieces. Roses and other stunning natural elements are also present in chokers, bracelets, earrings, and harnesses.

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