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When you consider a luxury home, your mind probably turns to multi-million dollar mansions, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. A home on a smaller scale can be just as opulent, and opting for a scaled-down palace could mean you get to live like royalty in every other area of life. 

Smaller homes are rising in popularity and for good reason too. Here are five reasons why a smaller home could be your most luxurious option.

1.    Fancy fixtures

If your budget leaves you facing the choice of either a larger home decorated to mediocre standards or a smaller, more lavish home, you might consider why you would choose to spend more on the structure when you could be spending more on the visual.

Scaling back on size means you can spare more of the budget for the fancy things in life – why have run-of-the-mill fixtures and fittings when you can go for designer labels and high-end materials? Marble flooring, crystal chandeliers, and gold accents could be within your reach if you remember that small can be beautiful too.

2.    More cash for other luxuries

Nothing says lavish lifestyle less than staying home to afford an enormous mortgage. A smaller home makes for a smaller mortgage meaning smaller repayments and getting out of debt more quickly.

That spare cash in the budget means you can afford to live a more extravagant lifestyle enjoying fine dining, expensive jewelry, spa treatments, designer clothing, and all of the trappings that make life feel that little bit more luxurious.

3.    Designer home

Designer labels don’t come more impressive than one attached to a house, and being a part of the design process of your very own home is about as fancy as it gets. You don’t need to be an architect to get involved either. There are plenty of small house plans to choose from, which you can then add to and adapt to suit your needs.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

4.    Luxury locations

To really feel top-flight in the world of property, location is everything, so instead of downgrading your home’s situation, simply choose a smaller home in your preferred area.

City life is becoming less affordable for many, but you don’t have to settle for the suburbs if you don’t want to. Just choose a stylish and sought-after apartment instead of a larger but less exclusive out-of-town property, and you will be the envy of your friends.

5.    Less is more

When it comes to a smaller square footage, you can really make sure less is more. Instead of filling your bigger home with lots of ordinary objects, carefully select fewer, expensive items for your more compact space, which better represent your affluent aesthetic.

Decorating smaller rooms forces you to better consider what you bring into your home and means the space can actually end up feeling less cluttered and more spacious than larger properties. 

So if you love a luxurious life, you might consider spending less cash on bricks and mortar and more on the things which will make your life feel truly luxurious.

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