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You have your luxury lifestyle. You find the person of your dreams and you start a simple life made of small pleasures and luxury delights. You appreciate small luxury hotels, you enjoy marvelous weekends in amazing cities like Prague, Barcelona or Paris. And then one day, you decide to build a family and get children. It is probably one of the most beautiful things you will have in life: children. Problems start when you get your first holidays with your children. You realize the following cannot happen anymore:

  • Decide on last minute what to do
  • Get in this marvelous small luxurious romantic hotel
  • Just lay down by the pool and enjoy a calm and stylish afternoon
  • Go party all night
  • get that table for 2 in that 3 Michelin star restaurant

Children and luxury, you become immediately a drama queen

When your life get full with children, you start realizing that you egocentric non-parental life is over. You need to take care of them and as you decided to have them, it is normal that you dedicate quite some time to these little human beings. Children are great and each of their smiles and hugs provide you with a whole new energy. Unfortunately you will not get a good diner if you take them to a 3 stars Michelin restaurant. Probably you might not even get a reservation if you say “2 adults and a 3 years old child”. So you realize you need to change your lifestyle. You need to change your natural interest for an elegant lifestyle. No more romantic and luxurious hotels and restaurants. You will just make a mess if you still try to go to these places. So is it over? Are you living a real luxury nightmare? Well, probably but as someone told me, you have no choice as you decided to have children. Certains things cannot be undone. Scream and run are not an option. So should you get rid of your past life and accept to downgrade your lifestyle? You can do it but seriously, be brave and follow the below tips to maintain your luxury expectations still up and running.

Elegant Guest houses rather than luxury hotels.

You liked to stay at Kempinski or other luxury hotel? With small children it is not something you can still do. They will get bored and you might feel embarrassed if they start crying or screaming in the middle of the nice diner you are having. One interesting option would be an elegant Guest House. Some people are very keen to welcome you in a chic and exclusive environment that will be more relaxed than a luxury hotel.  Here are some examples of marvelous guest houses that you could choose for a weekend of a whole week holidays. These have an interesting balance between luxury and family holidays. Here are two examples of luxury guest-houses in France that would provide you a great lifestyle during your holidays.

L’Onzaine in France, Essentials for a marvelous stay.

A beautiful house from 1850. You will find according to your desires the little piece of tranquility that suits you on a lounge chair, a bench, a table under the Sophora or a blanket in the shade of trees. Each room has a view of the greenery, wooded and flowered surroundings in a 1800 m² area.

l-onzaine-france-guest-house-luxury  l-onzaine-france-guest-house


With 5 guest rooms, you will be welcomed in a true refinement experience. Each detail were taken in consideration in order to allow you the pleasure of the senses. You can read more about this amazing place by visiting the official website here:

Domaine de Lespoune in France, history and chill-out

Lespoune Manor started its history in the beginning of the 18th century. The region where it is located is dominated by the fortified city of Navarrenx, and the river “Gave of Oloron”. Between Bearn and Pays Basque, 1hour drive from Biarritz and the ocean, 1hour  from Pyrenees ans Spain, it’s the perfect place to rest and discover this amazing region. Spa, sauna, jacuzzi in the park, organic garden, Yves & Nicole will be happy to welcome you to spend perfect family holidays in style.

lespoune-guest-luxury-house-room lespoune-guest-luxury-house-room2 lespoune-guest-luxury-house-room3


4 rooms and a suite  are available, one on ground floor, wheel chair convenient,   and also pets. 3 at first floor and suite on second. Between 30 et 65m2, they all have private bathroom and tea facilities. Beds in 160×200 or 2x90x200 and free WIFI.
You can check more information by visiting the official website here: 

Luxury Restaurants, still possible but you should ask first

Remember that beautiful and nice stylish restaurant you used to go before being parents? It might still be possible but you should call and ask first. It is not a problem to go there with a child if you ask before for a calm table with some space for a child-buggy. They might help you out with it. Sometimes luxury restaurants have special private tables that can provide you with a great experience and still being comfortable with your young child. In the UK, there is an interesting group of hotels under the name of Luxury Family hotels. They provide you with a great lifestyle and journey. The restaurant as well the hotels are great for any family who still wishes to be surrounded by great atmosphere.


Some hotels provide as well amazing sunday brunches adapted to families. For example Movenpick in Switzerland, they offer a special formula for a Sunday brunch. Everything is adapted to provide you with a great stylish family experience. They even have a room for your child to play while you enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

movenpick-lausanne-sunday-brunch-family movenpick-lausanne-sunday-brunch-formula


As you can  see, there are several ways for you to still taste your stylish lifestyle while having children. So do not panic as there are always solutions. In the incoming month you will find here at several tips to find your perfect Luxury family holidays.

José Amorim

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