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Louis Vuitton revealed its new campaign called “Invitation au Voyage – Venise”. It is part of the travel theme collections, as the brand developed a full collection of products. Here the video:

An amazing collaboration between photographer David Sims and film director Romain Gavras. Both used to work for fashion houses and qualitative magazines like Vogue.  The storyboard is between a living dream and a sophisticated journey. In this short film 2 main characters are on the spot: David Bowie and Arizona Muse. David Bowie is the charm and the elegance personified. Arizona Muse, American top model, has already appeared in several Louis Vuitton ads and she completely represents the modern elegant woman with a tremendous strength of personality.

In this travel invitation, the Venetian adventure reveals the exquisite encounter between an audacious woman and an enigmatic man. The woman arrives from the sky in a hot air balloon and she is invited to a private party in a palace. The ambiance is very baroque and in the middle, David Bowie is playing the piano. A version of “I’d rather be high”. Around him all the party attendees are one more extraordinary than the other.

Suddenly at the end, Arizona Muse opens her eyes and the music stops. It is daylight and everybody have disappeared. Was it a dream? Was it a one night adventure? We can decide which version we wish to keep. Nevertheless, we see this amazing woman taking a traditional Jonk-boat and navigate towards the lagoon, as if she was moving ahead towards her destiny.

Here a photo gallery of our best moments in the film:

Louis-Vuitton-Film-ballon Louis-Vuitton-Film-arizona-Muse-2 Louis-Vuitton-Film-party Louis-Vuitton-Film-arizona-Muse-with-bag Louis-Vuitton-Film-characters Louis-Vuitton-Film-David-Bowie Louis-Vuitton-Film-Arizona-Muse-daylight Louis-Vuitton-Film-arizona-Muse-end-with-bag Louis-Vuitton-Film-end

Louis Vuitton also released a Making of, in which you can see the tremendous work accomplished to create the unique and the marvelous.

In terms of product collection,  here are some of the high-lights. Elegance and timeless chic for this very tempting travel invitation.


Louis-vuitton-invitation-venise-bracelet Louis-vuitton-invitation-venise-python-shoes Louis-vuitton-invitation-venise-vivienne-LV

If you wish to learn more about this amazing story, check the official website section here:

It is always impressive to see how luxury brands invest so much money on qualitative content. Recently companies like Cartier or Guerlain invested a lot, especially online, in order to display their brand territories.  Here Louis Vuitton really settles their position of “THE” luxury travel company. Well done.



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