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A watch can tell you the time and can also make you look good. Some people are never completely dressed without their watches strapped to their wrists. Wearing a wrist watch gives you an awesome feeling, especially when it’s one with quality. Wrist watches have been around for a really long time. The first wrist watch was said to be made in the year 1810, but before that, there were pocket watches, which were often used.

Wrist watches are very valuable and expensive possessions. Some of them can be passed down from one generation to another. Some wrist watches are made of superior and precious stones from the earth, such as diamonds.

Types of wrist watches

Wrist watches come in different types. It all depends on the type you want to get and what purpose you want to use it for. Listed below are the various types of wrist watches.

  1. Luxury watch
  2. Smart watch
  3. Field Watch
  4. Pilot watch
  5. Mechanical watch
  6. Quartz watch
  7. Dress watch
  8. Diving watch
  9. Chronograph watch
  10. Automatic watch
  11. Digital watch
  12. Watch analog

Wrist watch maintenance

Wrist watches can be quite expensive, especially if they are luxury. Getting an expensive wrist watch means that you have to properly maintain it and care for it. When your wrist watch is expensive, it is important to properly maintain it. By properly maintaining your wrist watch, you are getting the most value for your money.

A lot of work and effort go into the maintenance of wrist watches. Here are the top things to keep in mind if you want your wrist watch to last a long time.

Get a wrist watch strap

Getting a strap is very important if you want your wrist watch to last a long time. Straps are what hold the wristwatch to your wrist. Getting a good strap, especially one for luxury brands like Omega, is very important. When you wear a rubber strap for Omega, you become confident in the durability of your wrist watch.

 Do not wash your wrist watch with soap

Wrist watches sometimes get dirty, especially when they are used regularly. It is important to note that the ingredients in soap could damage your wrist watch. So when you next want to clean your watch, use a microfiber cloth.


Wrist watches have engines. It is important that when your wrist watch is beginning to show some signs, you should endeavor to service it.

Do not test your watch to its limits

Some wrist watch owners like to test their watches by doing things like stepping over them with a car or freezing them. This should not be done if you want your watch to last.

Regularly check the water resistance

It is important to check your wrist watch regularly to ensure that there are no openings. If you bathe or swim with your watch, always ensure that it is regularly checked so that it does not spoil. 


Maintaining your wrist watch is not always an easy task. Everyone’s daily life is often filled with activities, and there might be no time to check your watch. To ensure your wrist watch lasts a long time, always endeavor to check it often.

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