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Enjoying a private beach holiday in Kauai, cruising the waterways of France, or going on a safari in Namibia – welcome to the pleasures of luxury adventures for mature couples! Perhaps, you never thought of yourself as the adventurous type. But do you enjoy exploring on your feet more than sightseeing on a bus? Do you crave that feeling of sleeping onto crisp cotton sheets at the end of your tour? If so, then luxury adventure is perfect for you. This travel trend is especially appealing for mature couples who enjoy a challenge but don’t want to rough things up.

If this is the kind of holiday you want, check out these top super luxury vacations for mature couples.

1. Enjoy a Private Beach in Kauai

Draped in jagged cliffs, emerald valleys, and sharp mountain spires, the island of Kauai is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a private beach holiday. Kauai is home to beautiful beaches lined by swaying palm trees. Of these, Poipu Beach is the most popular. Voted as one of the best beaches in America, this crescent-shaped beach is sandwiched between two small pockets of rock.  

Aside from its stunningly beautiful beaches, Kauai is also famous for its breathtaking natural landscapes. With lush tropical forest on one side and stunning mountain ranges on another, the island is the epitome of paradise! One of the best views in Kauai has got to be the Waimea Canyon. Located on the western side of Kauai and only a short drive from the coastal town of Waimea, this massive canyon is approximately 10 miles long and 3,000 feet deep.

To fully soak up the jaw-dropping views of Kauai, book a helicopter tour. You can only view some of the island’s stunning sceneries on a boat or a helicopter ride. Booking a helicopter tour is indeed the best way to experience all of Kauai’s most breathtaking scenery.

2. Cruise Waterways of France 

Rolling vineyards, charming ancient chateaux, and scenic villages are some of the views you’ll see when going on a luxury cruise along the waterways of France. Discover the real beauty of France and its countryside from the comfort of your boat as it traverses along the country’s romantic rivers and scenic canals.

With a luxury cruise, you can explore many beautiful sights in France and stop at some lovely villages to relax and indulge in delicious French cuisines paired with delectable wine. These luxury boats are fitted with modern luxuries while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Delicious meals will be served on board, and you’re guaranteed to be pampered as you explore the impressive canals of France, such as the North Burgundy canal, a favourite of luxury seeking punters after high-end Burgundy canal barge tour. As the afternoon lengthens, enjoy a relaxing cycling excursion throughout the French countryside, or look for a spot on the deck to enjoy some cocktails while waiting for the sun to set. 

Before calling it a day, enjoy a nightcap with fellow guests. Slumber peacefully in your fully furnished cabin with a comfortable bed and other amenities.

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3. Stay in a Tree House in Bali

Bali is an intriguing island with many faces. Home to some of Asia’s most luxurious resorts where service is impeccable and offers world-class spa experiences, Bali is an island that appeals to mature couples who want to indulge in a luxury travel experience. 

While Bali is never short of outstanding accommodations, staying in a treehouse will make your holiday unforgettable. The Aura House, nestled along the scenic Ayung River gorge, is an incredible tree house made entirely of locally grown bamboo. It’s equipped with romantic ensuite bedrooms with comfortable beds, a spacious living room, and a private bathroom. The treehouse might be tucked in the woods, but it’s only a few minutes from the bustling neighbourhood of Ubud. 

The treehouse consists of three levels, each offering outstanding views of the surrounding Balinese jungle. Each level comes with a deck where you can enjoy morning yoga, breakfast, or simply relaxing at the hammock. There’s also a private swimming pool on-site where you can take a refreshing dip after exploring outdoors.

4. Safari in Namibia 

Namibia offers epic landscapes, amazing wildlife experiences, and fascinating culture, making it a great destination for a luxury safari vacation. What’s great about going on a safari tour in Namibia is that there is an emphasis on small, remote, and environmentally sensitive lodges. Therefore, the sense of being in the wild remains alluringly intact. 

Namibia is a land of spectacular landscapes begging to be explored. During your naturalist-led safari, brace yourself for a close-up encounter with extraordinary creatures, from elephants to rhinos, lions, and zebras. After a day of exploring the wild, retreat to your luxurious camps where you can swap stories with fellow travellers or dance around by the campfire.

Given Namibia’s vast distances and spectacular landscapes that you can best admire from above, a flying safari is the best way to enjoy your safari holiday in this beautiful country. Your flying safari will take you to the far-flung corners of Namibia. Overlanding between the main sites in a loop coming from Namibia’s capital of Windhoek is also a great option for those who love taking road trips. 

5. Snorkelling in Cancun

Lying along the north-eastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations and a getaway to the famous Mayan Riviera. Here, you can take up snorkelling to uncover a magical world of underground caves and rich tropical marine life as you swim alongside manta rays and turtles in calm, turquoise waters. 

One of the most popular snorkelling spots in Cancun is an area known as Punta Nizuc, which is located at the island’s southern tip. The reef area is home to starfish, turtles, and other interesting marine life creatures living among the corals and algae. 

There are many other things you can do to enjoy your holiday in Cancun other than snorkelling. Book a private visit to the Coba Mayan ruins and the archaeological site of Tulum. From here, venture into the vibrant city of Izamal, where you will find one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, the Chichen Itza.

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