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With the essentials ready for your boat trip, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit, it’s time to indulge in one of the best parts of preparing for your trip – finding brand new luxury extras that will enrich your vacation at sea. Gadgets are useful for enhancing your own and your guests stay on board. For a few ideas of what to look for to improve your trip, compiled below are eight suggestions.

Full Face Snorkelling Mask 

Sailors are granted numerous opportunities to explore what lies in the depths of the ocean. If you’re planning a Yacht charter Greece or other Mediterranean destination, for instance, snorkelling is one of many activities people enjoy to do. One of the best ways to peek below water is by purchasing a full-face snorkelling mask. These masks are equipped to provide you with a 180-degree viewing area to maximize your vision underwater. With 95% of the ocean remaining unexplored, who knows what mythical sea creatures and treasures you’ll find.

Go Pro Gadget

An ideal gadget for the adventurous among you who enjoy capturing precious holiday moments on cam is the Go Pro! Whether deep-sea diving, whale watching, or recording your pet dog-paddling in the water, a Go Pro can capture your voyage in action. You simply attach it to your swimming garment or full-faced snorkel mask and are ready to go!  Recordings of your trip are a great way to show your family and friends how much fun you’re having away. 


Sublue White Shark Transport

The Sublue White Shark is often referred to as an ‘underwater scooter.’ For avid divers and those who enjoy a leisurely swim, the Sublue White Shark is an excellent piece of kit that enables you to journey from A to B undersea effortlessly. 

You simply hold onto the handles, and it’s dual propellers power up and pull you through the ocean. With a GoPro mount attached to the Sublue, you can add your GoPro camera to it also. 

Polarized Sunglasses For Sailors

Regular sunglasses are not sufficient for boat trips. When the sun strikes, and there’s no shade, your vision at sea can quickly become distorted. Thankfully, there is an extensive range of glasses that cater to those who enjoy cruising. In particular, polarized glasses are a favourite among numerous yacht club members and are highly rated for their ability to protect and enhance a sailor’s vision at sea. Allowing you to tend to your sailing duties with ease, or otherwise take in the breath-taking views.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It’s natural to feel apprehensive about taking your electronics out to sea. Devices don’t mix well with water, and systems that need charging regularly, quickly run out of battery. However, with a waterproof speaker you can enjoy the luxury of soothing music on board while sunbathing during the day. Or turn up the contemporary music at night when you’re in the mood to party. 

And if it gets splashed with water or runs out of battery, you needn’t worry. Its protective waterproof coat will prevent water damage. Additionally, with inbuilt solar power technology, it’ll maintain charge from the sun. But best of all, it floats! Thus, if your speaker unexpectedly ventures overboard, they’ll remain afloat, allowing you to retrieve it from the water with ease. 

Waterproof Notepad

If you need paper to keep track of to-do’s on the boat, you may want to consider opting for an improved version – the waterproof notepad. Regular paper isn’t fit to stand the test and trials of the open sea. With a splash of water, the content of the paper spoils quickly. Beyond noting down a checklist for the boat, waterproof paper is handy for those who enjoy writing and drawing too. Especially when you witness numerous inspirational sights that are worthy of journaling or practising your artistic abilities for.

Bar Caddy

It’s likely on your trip you’ll be eager to relax and gaze at the sunset with a glass of wine – but there’s just one problem, where will you put your drink and the bottle? Protecting the boat’s interior and preventing any nasty accidents such as smashed glass is essential while on the boat. To save you the hassle and anxiety of your drink knocking over, a bar caddy is a gadget worth adding to your shopping cart. 

The Docktail Bar, for example, is portable and easy to fix to multiple locations on the boat. Plus, it has numerous bottle slots and a cutting board insert too. We’re sure you can already imagine being on board of your super yacht charter, with a bar caddy that enables you and your guests to drink, eat, and party in style.

Durable Drinkware

While on the subject of drinking, unless you’re set on using your most delicate glassware for your travels, you may want to consider shatterproof drinkware. Clearing broken glass off the boat is difficult to do, particularly when the waves move the boat to and throw. In preparation for any mishaps, shatterproof drinkware will avoid the risk of an accident throwing off the mood on your voyage.

Researching new gadgets to take on board your next trip is exciting. Whether you want to improve your diving experience. Or impress your guests by gearing up for all the parties you’ll be having, with your boat-worthy speakers and bar caddy. There are plenty of tools tailored to boat trips that are fit for surviving life on board and providing a luxury touch to your sailing experience.  

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