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Let’s face it: moving to another country to pursue higher education is a dream for many, and the last thing that you would need to worry about is finances. Having said that, regardless of the course you want to study or the country you want to move to, it is likely to cost you heaps of money. Despite your ability to afford tuition charges, you would still have several other expenses to fulfill.

Moreover, unpredictable risks are inherent to international travel. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance for you to invest in travel insurance for students to safeguard your wellbeing from any sort of unprecedented circumstances. 

In travel insurance policies, many things are covered such as loss of passport and other documents, medical expenses, and support during emergencies. Travel insurance for students is designed to cover any uncertainties that may arise to ensure your wellbeing while staying abroad. This includes medical expenses, hospitalization charges, misplaced passports, and forlorn circumstances.

The Need for Buying a Travel Insurance for Students

If you have never lived alone in the place before, studying in a foreign country may prove challenging. There are many difficulties associated with living alone abroad. When you purchase travel insurance for students, however, you can rely on the insurance provider to assist you in a time of need. 

Apart from his, there is a requirement to purchase travel insurance for students in the majority of the most favoured foreign destinations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and others. 

Nevertheless, if students plan to visit a country that does not require them to invest in travel insurance, they are encouraged to do so as it is extremely beneficial in terms of protection and financial savings. 

The Upsides of Having a Student Travel Insurance

The benefits of travel insurance for students depend upon the insurance policy or insurance provider one chooses. However, some of the basic travel insurance for students provide support for:

  • Permanent Impairment caused due to an accident
  • Medical and Treatment Expenses at a hospital
  • Maternity care 
  • Emergency dental treatment and recovery
  • Loss of passport and other necessary documents
  • Pre-Existing healthcare conditions
  • Mental healthcare conditions
  • Loss or Delay of Checked Baggage
  • Bail Bond
  • Study Interruption
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Treatment for Expectant Mothers
  • Cancer Screening and Mammography Examinations

What Makes You Eligible for Travel Insurance for Students?

When it comes to signing up for travel insurance for students, there are very few requirements. In most cases, determining an individual’s eligibility for insurance depends on their age. Only students who have reached the age of 16 or older are eligible for student travel insurance plans. A student travel insurance plan isn’t available to those over 35 years of age. Above all, the applicant should have enrolled in a certified educational institution.

What Does Travel Insurance for Students Not Include?

Although travel insurance for students is flexible and can be customized according to the applicant’s requirements and destination of travel, there are certain exclusions from the plan. Some of those include: 

  • Elective surgeries and treatment
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Self-Inflicted injuries
  • Health condition caused due to drugs and alcohol abuse

Travel Insurance for Students is a Crucial Investment

Statistics show that with globalization, there has been a dramatic shift in the study patterns of students with the availability of numerous options overseas. As a result, the number of students moving to foreign countries each year is on the rise. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs brings us the 2019 statistics on Indian students studying abroad, which reveal that 753,000 Indians are studying at universities abroad. 

Although it is a wise decision considering education and employment opportunities, it also becomes crucial to invest in travel insurance for students due to the risks associated with the whole process. It is important, however, that you pick a plan providing the best coverage when looking for a student travel insurance policy. Care health insurance lets you choose from an extensive range of options when it comes to travel insurance for students. Make sure you are well prepared to study abroad by purchasing a suitable policy.

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