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There are plenty of reasons why Italy is among the countries that receive the most tourists annually. The county has a rich ancient history, beautiful architectural buildings, and sceneries to be seen. Italy is also an ideal place for you to visit if you love trying new food. You’ll have a taste of a range of Italian cuisines to satisfy your taste buds. Read on to know the fine dining and local Cuisine you can go to while in Italy.

Hotel Hassler

The Hassler is a luxurious hotel located on the Spanish steps. There, you’ll have a variety of dining options, including the Imàgo Restaurant. What stands out about the restaurant is that it magnifies Italian culture by using seasonal local ingredients. The meal you are served is accompanied by wine that compliments it.


Besides enjoying the excellent food prepared by the best chefs, You’ll get to enjoy magnificent views of Rome. Another notable aspect of the hotel is that it has wellness and beauty facilities on site. If you are short of time to travel all the way to enjoy Italian Cuisine, you can consider looking for Italian food near me and enjoy the options offered.

Trattoria 13 Gobbi

If you are looking to enjoy rich Tuscan Cuisine, Trattoria 13 Gobbi is the best local Cuisine for you to visit in Italy. The hotel located at the heart of the city also has a beautiful interior which gives a welcoming atmosphere. The chefs use raw materials to ensure that the food is delicious and only use ingredients in season.

Apart from embracing the rustic style type of setting, Trattoria 13 Gobbi uses ancient recipes to make their cuisines. The specialty of the hostel is rigatoni.

Caffé dell’Oro

The Caffé dell’Oro’s interior is vintage, mimicking the 1950s style using gold crafting. The hotel focuses on Italian cuisines with a touch of creativity from the chef. Specialties of the hotel include Tuscan tiramisu and bottarga. The chef looks at fulfilling everyone’s needs, including the foreigners, by incorporating an international twist to the dishes.

The menu of Caffé dell’Oro is new each season and ensures to use ingredients from the best. Aside from enjoying a delicious meal, you’ll also have a beautiful view of the Ponte Vecchio.

Restaurant Torre

The restaurant and bar have a unique touch to them as it has beautifully designed furniture. You’ll get to enjoy a clean and beautiful view of the city of Milan as the restaurant has large windows. This is a perfect location for you to watch the sun setting over Milan.

Restaurant Torre is also ideal for an intimate dinner as you’ll get to enjoy the best of Italian cuisines with wine as an accompaniment.

CO.MO Bar and Bistrot

The hotel is a perfect mix of Italian style and natural beauty. CO.MO Bar and Bistrot are strategically located between Lake Como and a botanical park giving an excellent view. The location is perfect for you to enjoy the afternoon sun and consequently experience beautiful sunsets.

You are also guaranteed to have the best tastes of Italian cuisines made from seasonal ingredients. What is more, you can have a taste of Bistro’s renowned pizzas.

La Foresteria

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the Sicilian Cuisine, La Foresteria is the best option for you to dine. The restaurant’s chef prepares Italian tradition with a fusion of a new invention to suit the dish.

Sicilian dishes you are sure to enjoy in La Foresteria include mint-coated saber fish and marjoram. To compliment the meals, wine from La Planeta Estate is served. While dining at La Foresteria, you are sure to have a majestic view of the coastline and vineyard.

Antica Trattoria del Risorgimento

If you are looking for a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, this is an option for you. The hotel is hidden away from the busy streets and can be a little bit hard to locate, but with persistence, you’ll get there. Antica Trattoria del Risorgimento is that your meal is served by the chef preparing it, which is an excellent encounter. The chefs incorporate a few twists to the traditional recipes making them more colorful and tasty.

If you love trying new and would like to sample some of the best Italian food, above and the fine-dining and local cuisines to consider. You can visit different locations to make it memorable.

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