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When it comes to the UAE, we immediately think of mirrored skyscrapers and the azure shore of the Persian Gulf. The Emirates have gained the love of tourists for a while now, as it provides the best service at the highest level with attentive staff and approach to each tourist. Hospitality is the main feature of the Arabic people. In the Emirates one can find entertainment for all tastes and budgets, however, today we are going to share with you how exactly to spend a holiday in the UAE to its fullest. 

1. Take a visit to the best spa for a massage

Eastern spas are renowned for their excellent services and the finest professionals. For a truly relaxing experience, head to a spa in Abu Dhabi to get a full-body treatment. The real professionals can help you select the type of massage that suits your needs whereas if you’re looking for a unique experience consider a luxury massage, Moroccan bath with massage or try a russian spa in Abu Dhabi. Oriental massage is a true art form that is worth experiencing for yourself.

2. Sightseeing by helicopter

A helicopter flight combines adventure, luxury and sightseeing like nothing else. This way you can escape the traffic and see some of the local architectural and natural wonders from a different perspective. A helicopter tour will take you around the city and give you a bird’s eye view of Dubai. In addition to taking in the sights such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and Palm Island from up close, you can also catch a glimpse of the vast desert landscape dunes and the blue waters of the Persian Gulf.

3. Charter a private yacht

Perhaps nothing can compete with the unforgettable scenery of the Arabian Gulf, traveling on your own private yacht is literally the lifeblood of a trip to the UAE. An afternoon sailboat ride is a perfect way to fully relax and enjoy the gorgeous coastal scenery. Such a trip is sure to be an unforgettable memory.

4. Enjoy a personalized shopping 

Dubai is considered a shopper’s paradise. There you can find everything from traditional oriental markets, to fashion boutiques, and the world’s best outlet stores. Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping center in the world, with more than 10 000 shops and the best range of goods. At the same time it has a service point, where you can hire a personal shopping assistant to guide you through the stores and help you find your way around. This is definitely the best option for VIP shopping in the city. Another great shopping destination is the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha. At City Walk, you can combine shopping with dinner overlooking the bay.

5. Set out on a desert safari 

It’s impossible to visit the UAE without seeing the wilderness scenery of the desert. A premium desert safari is the best choice if you want to explore the desert and get to know the wildlife of the region. This way you can experience the best off-road driving through the dunes, as well as camel and quad biking. In the evening, you’ll be invited to a traditional desert dinner under the incredibly beautiful desert starry sky. 

6. Visit the Louvre in Abu Dhabi

The legendary Louvre Abu Dhabi was the Arab world’s first multicultural museum, embodying the spirit of free intercultural exchange. This is a veritable treasure chest located in the heart of the city. It presents historical, cultural and social sites from ancient times to the present day. Make sure to take advantage of a personal tour guide service in order to enjoy the art of the oriental world in all its glory. 

7. Become a hot air balloon pilot

What could be a more romantic date than flying in a hot air balloon at 1,200 meters high at sunrise? Taking a hot air balloon ride is the best way to appreciate the wondrous beauty of the desert at first light as the sun rises. Alternatively, you may book a private hot air balloon romantic trip that includes breakfast to enhance the experience.

These top seven luxury activities in the UAE are just a fraction of the many entertainment options the country has to offer. To fully enjoy your holiday in the Emirates, it is worth choosing at least a few of them. Have a great trip!

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