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We’ve come to define luxury as a kind of decadence that few of us could ever afford. Yachting in diamond-encrusted waters, massages from Midas, million-dollar smoothies made from the milk of a money cow – what are the chances that any of these things will ever be in your price range? If you can lower your expectations, luxury could be well within your grasp. Whether it’s a day in the park, a beauty overhaul or a heathier diet, luxury has many definitions – here’s a few for you to enjoy.


Wrinkle-free luxury

Wrinkles are a dull, thudding reminder of your impending old age. They’re the marks on your face that make you feel rubbish when you look in the mirror in the morning. Although there’s nothing wrong with your cracks and crevices, they undoubtedly make you feel lousy.

Most anti-ageing skin cream is, however, no better than snake oil. Grinning at you from the shelves of beauty shops, these high street derivatives are about as effective as splashing water over your face. Yet supermarkets and beauty specialists still charge a premium rate for subpar products. There are, however, some products that can be trusted. For our money, Crepe Erase is fantastic for removing “crepey” skin, those harder portions of your skin that can be a nightmare to remove. This moisturiser has proven results and will help you feel a little more special when you look in the mirror.

A breath of fresh air

The type of person who’s rich enough to trek the Andes and hike up the Alps usually looks healthier than any other kind of fitness fanatic. But the cheaper alternative can leave you with just as much cardiovascular goodness. A walk in the countryside is a fit and healthy way to spend an afternoon – and it’s absolutely free. After a sturdy day’s walking you’ll enjoy healthier limbs, improved breathing and a more positive outlook on life. This is in part thanks to the increased amount of oxygen in your body, increasing the flow in your bloodstream and giving you a healthy and revitalised glow.

Dietary opulence

You don’t have to be a millionaire to appreciate kale. Superfoods, food types that are teeming with vitamins and minerals, are the ideal source of good health in your diet, no matter what your pay packet. And your meals don’t have to be bland. For a smidge of healthy flavour, add a dash of lemon to meals or create your own tangy pasta sauce. Even a clove of garlic could make your seemingly boring meal a delight.

Combine these three tips and you’ll relax into luxury like you were landed gentry.



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