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If organising exclusive events in luxe locations for corporate high-flyers sounds fantastic, a career in events planning might be your calling. Add a can-do attitude and lashings of charm and you’ve got a firm foundation for success. But excelling in the events industry is also extremely hard work — so here are four tips for setting up a luxury corporate events company.

1. Find your niche

Since you aspire to work with high-end clients, you’ve already selected a specialism. But you can narrow down your niche even further by focusing on trade shows, corporate dining or collaborative charity fundraising events. And you might also forge links with partners for seasonal events — for instance, working with sailing experts like Charter One Yachts means you can charter vessels for exclusive parties during the Yachting Festival de Cannes. A broad knowledge of corporate events provides a foothold in the sector — but filling a gap in the market might be more lucrative.


2. Hiring talent

The vision for your business might be entirely your own, and you’ll probably have considerable reserves of drive and determination — but if you take too much weight on your shoulders, you might collapse before it’s even launched. So finding a trusted advisor who already moves in the right circles is advisable — they’ll offer advice on shortcuts as well as potential pitfalls. And you can hire frontline service staff from a reputable agency, then recruit permanent workers once your business expands in order to train them to your exacting standards. Having the right people around you is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success.

3. Payroll

Once you scale up your business, you might have employees and offices in several salubrious locations. But they’ll naturally expect to be paid accurately and punctually — otherwise you might lose them to the competition. This is normally the remit of expensive HR staff, but an outsourced global payroll service like SD Worx takes care of these vital but time-consuming admin tasks and ensures that you’re compliant with the relevant tax regimes. Getting the basics right by staying onside with regulators means you can operate with complete confidence.


4. Networking

Meeting with prospective clients face to face will be beneficial — if you expect them to splash out on your services, establishing a trusting relationship beforehand is crucial. If you’re a member of a service organisation like Lions Clubs International or Rotary, you’ll have the opportunity to mix with potential customers in a range of international locations. But getting your hands on sought-after VIP tickets for social and sporting events allows you to bump into people casually and spread the word about your exciting new venture. By the time you’ve hosted a few successful parties or promotions, word of mouth works wonders in growing your business.

Follow these four tips for setting up a luxury corporate events company and you’ll soon be cashing in while rubbing shoulders with the world’s movers and shakers.


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