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Creature comforts are crucial in any home — but those who appreciate the finer things in life tend to take ambience to the next level. If you’re designing your own elegant residence from scratch, or revamping the interior of an existing property, you’ve got a rare opportunity to create a bespoke design that fits your luxury lifestyle. But with so many fabulous furnishings and glamorous gadgets to choose from, prioritising premium purchases can be tricky. So here are five must-buy items for the ultimate luxury pad.

1. Jacuzzi

No niche residence is complete without a cuddle-puddle — Jacuzzi bubbles and sparkling champagne complement each other perfectly. A relaxing hot tub session can be the perfect venue for a romantic rendezvous and larger models are ideal for celebrations with friends and family. If you plan to throw wild parties like a rap star, investing in one of these machines is a must.


2. Pool

Private swimming pools were first associated with Hollywood stars and media moguls. If you wanted to experience a pool party in the 1920s, you’d have to rely on an invite to the private estates of Douglas Fairbanks or William Randolph Hearst. And although pools are more common these days, there’s still something glamorous about being able to offer guests a dip in complete privacy.

3. Home cinema

Forget widescreen smart TVs — the best guests expect to be entertained in a well-appointed home cinema. And if you create your own productions, there’s no more appropriate venue for a film premiere. A high-quality screen and sound system are vital — but you’ll also need perfectly positioned chairs that are as comfortable as possible. Once your friends have experienced a private screening, you’ll  be the talk of the town.


4. Bedroom

Now that your guests are sorted don’t neglect your better half — design a bedroom that’s built for comfort and ravishing romance. The sexiest bedrooms in the world include features like water slides, outdoor showers, retractable roofs and four poster beds. And they always make the most of their natural surroundings — so reserve the most stunning views for your private bedroom and you’ll feel inspired day and night. Spoiling yourself with a beautiful boudoir might be the best part of designing a luxury home.

5. Entrance

First impressions last, so make the most of the primacy effect by installing a front door that has impact. A natural oak door with sleek handles looks elegant and enigmatic — guests will be intrigued by the thought of secret pleasures waiting within. But personalised door mats provide a premium luxury touch — nothing screams class more than a welcome rug emblazoned with your ancient family motto.


When visitors feel instantly welcome, your duties as host get off to a delightful start. Bag these five must-buy items and your luxury pad will soon become the place to be seen.


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