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Alexis Buehrer

Born in Switzerland in 1984, Céline Alexis Buehrer is a contemporary jewels and sets creator, all hand made by herself. She presents now a beautiful, slightly poetic collection of different sets made from craft techniques called I MADE IT FOR YOU.


2007, after a second year at Haute Ecole d’Art and Design in Geneva, she has a first experience in Montreal and in Paris for Anne Valérie Hash. After her diploma, she wins the prestigious Federal Swiss prize for Design with a set collection called “MY WIFE IS BIG MARY”. Since then, she has developed different lines but above all taylor-made works for special orders.

Now she presents her new collection called I MADE IT FOR YOU. It is all about a certain idea of Back to luxury basics. Hand-made, she masters crafted techniques and traditional know-hows at the service of a Taylor-made approach.

These works are based on a search around the theme: The Parure. The usage of feathers, hooks, embroideries and laces, brings a delicate emotion on these special sets. Between the organic and the mineral, Ms Buehrer explorers a romantic and story-telling universe. Between pieces of art and edgy fashion accessories, Alexis Buehrer represents a true alternative to traditional luxury brands in terms of accessories.

Here are some of my preferred images from her new collection.

Alexis Buehrer

Alexis Buehrer

Alexis Buehrer

I really find very original the way the sets are presented. We see a strong authenticity and truth emanating for her work.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to connect to the designer official website: . You can ask for the price of special orders. If you want to find a point of sales in which you would find these products, check the following stores:

Telle mère, telle fille
Rue des Eaux-Vives 18
1207 Geneva, Switzerland

Rosier 41
Rosier 41
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Atelier b.
5758, Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

So, let true poetry enter into your life and feel yourself wrapped in a timeless elegancy, at the same time delicate and strong.

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