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On a day like your wedding, with the glamorous bride, stunning venue decoration is essential. What do you think? Obviously, everyone wants to see a bride, how is she looking?, which gown she’s wearing?, and the main part: which flowers are there in her wedding bouquet? Undoubtedly, brides are in the limelight because it’s all their day.


Most of the brides & grooms start wedding decoration planning before a year or just after their wedding date is fixed. Anyway, there is a good news for all the new-couples out there or the couples-to-be that you can also send flowers online by moyses flowers, even on the same day. Are you a new bride? Do you seek for some creative ideas? Well, it’s the best page you would love to recommend further. Check it out…

 Wedding trends

Traditional flowers can never be outdated, and when it comes to decorating your wedding venue, flowers are a perfect choice of all the wedding planners. Let me guide you with the current hot trend which is, decorating a cupcake tower just like a wedding cake with flowers. It may be possible that as an experienced florist, he/she has a few more options for personalising your wedding. While following the traditional ways, it is also crucial to look out a few important factors like colour, shape, and size of your wedding flowers.

Seasonal wedding flowers

Why should I choose seasonal flowers only? – So many brides have asked the same question to me. And as a florist, I replied: “seasonal wedding flowers can give your wedding a natural look and the quality of flowers add up more essence to the day of royalty”. I don’t think, there remains any more description! Also, the best part of all the flower-buyers, flowers that you purchased in-season, are less expensive than the off-season flowers. So, in-season flower selection may positively impact on your wedding decoration budget. Isn’t it important?

Bridal bouquet

As a bride, your wedding bouquet is the statement of your personality. When you walk down the aisle, it will give a powerful statement about what kind of individual you are. It is undoubtedly the most prominent accessory you’ll have on your wedding day, and it will live on in your wedding pictures. The primary goal of the bride’s bouquet is to emphasize the natural beauty starting from romantic, cascading bouquets to simple hand-tied arrangements. Same as trying on wedding dresses, meeting a florist is a time for you to be creative, have fun and have a perfect look.

Bridesmaid and Wedding party flowers

Bridesmaids are there on your big day for making your day more joyous and unique to you. No matter, whether she is your college room-mate, your sister or your project partner, she always brings her own personality to your wedding. The ceremony would not be completed without each one. Hence, celebrate your wedding party with a great bridesmaid bouquet they will be able to take treasure and home. Whatever you choose, wedding party bouquets and boutonnières can complete your wedding look.

Reception centrepieces and décor

Also, you can ask for services like reception centrepieces, cake flowers, and décor to your florist. An experienced florist can help you with various creative ideas so, select an experienced florist so that you will have the best wedding decoration.

Last session…

After all, wedding is a big day for any bride & groom’s life, and flowers are the best weapon to fill up the day with more charm. Florist is a person who can use flowers in the most creative ways. Thus, hire the best florist and enjoy a fragrant wedding day!…

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